Unpopular opinion: Cross promotions are worthless

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Also sometimes like once every 100 games the elite AI says to hell with this were going to win and you lose and your like what the hell just happened
Well, maybe people who haven't played the game will change their mind about it after actually playing it; it's not like the event needs to retain 100% of new players to be a success.

I don't see why people are complaining so much about this event, whether it's about "wah wah I don't get as much free stuff as others" or "the whole event is pointless" or whatever else.
While I find cool and I'm very happy that a game I like has more and more ppl playing it, I absolutely hate to be forced to farm on other games I don't like to have items. The same happened for Heartstone mount, it has been A PAIN to play 100 games and when I did it, game has been unistalled for ever from my machine.

I know that you could say, who cares it is just a mount, just a skin, just a portrait whatever.. but when you are a fan, a big fan, you are a completionist, you want, you NEED, all of the items you can afford, and being forced to beg strangers to be friends and farm 15 AI matches (which is what happens) to have a skin for ANOTHER TOTALLY DIFFERENT GAME, well it is not just wrong, but nosense.

They are actually achieving the opposite effect, ppl who never liked HOTS are playng it forcedly and now they even hate it.

got me into the game and i love it, best moba on market
11/16/2016 01:29 PMPosted by Yokihiro
Actually you are wrong. I got into HotS by a Hearthstone cross promotion. Hearthstone kept annoying me day by day due to its randomness, then I tried HotS (the card mount promotion) and switched to HotS while I basically stopped playing Hearthstone.

Moving from RNG simulator to matchmaking roulette, taking it fast eh?
11/16/2016 03:58 PMPosted by NoxJS
They are actually achieving the opposite effect, ppl who never liked HOTS are playng it forcedly and now they even hate it.


It's not Blizzard's fault if people pick the most boring method possible of playing the event, and if you dislike it so much then maybe try playing a game mode that's actually somewhat challenging instead of steamrolling the easiest AI 15 times in a row.

What this says to me more than anything else is that AI games shouldn't count for the event, and then that way Blizzard could also lower the number of games required.
They need to make so AI didn't count and has to actually fight player... Fight against AI for skin is stupid
I'm pretty sure they have people more knowledgeable and qualified than you who know how stuff actually work, and they still do cross-promotions.
11/16/2016 04:27 PMPosted by HunterXCooL
They need to make so AI didn't count and has to actually fight player... Fight against AI for skin is stupid
I would rather they fought against AI than having 9 AFKers in my game.
11/16/2016 01:24 PMPosted by Tirigon
You want to increase the playerbase, find new customers?

Exactly. At best, this promotion draws some players from Overwatch. Which lowers OW's pool of players. Which hurts OW. Even worse, most of the OW players are not going to stay. This hurts HotS players that will have games ruined by noobs.
11/16/2016 01:37 PMPosted by Yokihiro
When you own a good amount of cards you don't just quit.

I did. I have (er... "had") the vast majority of all cards in Hearthstone. However, I reached a finite skill limit. I couldn't do better than rank 14 or 13 no matter what.

I tried to get help with the game, but people like Mand trolled me until I was forced to create a new screenname to get assistance with the game. (Even then, it didn't make any difference. I seem to be at my skill limit for CCGs.)
11/16/2016 03:29 PMPosted by Mand
I find it hard to agree that cross-promotions are worthless when the entire game is a cross-promotion.

Dude. How can I get a job being a paid shill? You clearly make a living off of it.

What's that? You aren't a paid shill? Oh, I suppose it's just coincidence that you are on the Blizzard forums 4-5 days a week for around 8 hours each time.

Yeah, must be a big co-inky-dink.
I think the main thing that was keeping people away is the statement that:-

"Mobas are fun, but full of toxic, selfish jerks, that just ruin the whole experience for everyone."

Case in point, this thread.

This cross-promotion gives people a chance to try out the game in a stress-free environment, with a few friends on their list at the end. They realise, "hey, I don't actually have to deal with these toxic children to play this game. I'm enjoying my ai games. Always wanted to be Thrall..."

Don't worry, you still have your little clique over on "we decided you are a good player" area, that won't change.
11/16/2016 01:38 PMPosted by LiarSona
Hmm, one look at reddit says... you're wrong.

LOL! "reddit" LOL!

OMG that's funny!

You're talking about the official HotS reddit right? The place where criticism of HotS is buried (or deleted)? The place where posts like, "Please explain this basic aspect of the game which is in the tutorial, but I want my hand held instead of paying attention to simple instructions" rise to the top of the front page? Or posts like, "HotS is the greatest game ever, here's why" or "There's nothing wrong with the matchmaker, you just suck and should shut up because we elites are tired of your lip" ?

Oh, that place? Yeah, you can also pay for upvotes there. You can literally pay money to make your opinion appear aggreable. Reddit is nothing more than a popularity contest. A place of superficiality and nothing more.

Trying to use it as an example of player opinion is laughable. It represents a small echo-chamber full of people that all love HotS without question. Reading reddit tells you nothing about what people actually think.
So you believe that Tirigon was wrong to link a Reddit thread saying the cross promotion was bad?
Before this cross-promo, I was the only one in my circle of friends who played HotS. Most of my buddies and I would play Overwatch together but I could not convince them to try HotS because of their fears that it was "yet another MOBA" with the Blizzard label slapped on.

This cross-promo gave me a good excuse to start recruiting them into the Nexus, and it's working out VERY well. I've already got no less than five of my OW friends (who formerly dreaded the idea of playing a MOBA) to the point where they're completely hooked on the game and even playing it when I'm not around. I got off work today to find them all already online and playing together when I got home. That speaks volumes about how well this cross promo is working.

But yes, clearly the company whose revenue is up significantly from last year has no clue what it's doing.
They aren't getting the LoL or DOTA2 players at this point. Any that were unhappy there already left. For better or worse, this game wasn't designed to steal the players already addicted to those games.
The thing is the cross-promotion is based on friends playing with each other, with that as the main point of experience.

The problem with HotS is retention rate. How many people are going to stay if the friends they made to do the Oni Genji skin challenge return back to OW and leave HOTS behind them?
Cross promotion is harmless really, the only time it's an actual pain is when you have to have an active subscription to WoW to claim those in-game items from your mail.
11/16/2016 03:38 PMPosted by Bootytime
Also sometimes like once every 100 games the elite AI says to hell with this were going to win and you lose and your like what the hell just happened

It is possible to lose Vs AI? I know of multiple people who have played thousands of Vs AI at Elite and maybe lost only 1 or 2 (usually due to AFKers, or new players who feed). If you go Kael, Jaina, Chrome, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Zagara, Alarak, etc the AI has as good as lost even if one or two players do very little.

The problem with the cross platform promotion is how easy it is to complete. All it needs is 30 games on beginner AI at 6 minutes a game (assuming some delays, under 5 minutes is possible with skill and a team) for a total of 3 hours to finish it. This 3 hours can be spread out until January when the event ends, so over a month. A huge number of people have finished it within a day, while the promotional event runs until January. In theory one only needs to play a game a day from the start and will still finish long before it expires.

I would recommend adding more requirements to future promotional events to encourage people to play more than beginner AI 30 times. Specifically if Vs AI is used it should only count if played on Elite and only Vs AI wins count (all other game modes function as currently). I would go as far as to say this should be applied to daily quests as well, however I do understand some people do not have much time during the week so like the speed of beginner Vs AI for doing dailies.
11/16/2016 01:24 PMPosted by Tirigon
Just look at the current event. Everyone is just talking

Who? Just the people you pay attention to? Right then. Moving on...

Everyone who plays at least one Blizzard game knows about all the others. If we dont play them, it's because we dont WANT to, not because of lack of knowledge.

You're confusing the words "we" with "I", fyi. Confusing your personal opinion with that of the whole playerbase.

One more thing. You have no idea what a successful conversion rate is for this promotion. It could be as low as 5% and it could be considered a success. That means 95% of people who come play HOTS, grind 15 mindless games then leave and never come back means the event succeeded.

Fun fact: I just glanced at the HOTS sub-Reddit and saw 5 topics on the front page saying how much new players are enjoying HOTS after coming for the Genji skin.

Imagine that.





honestly they should have not let you get the skin promotion in VS AI. people who are grinding AI are not actually doing anything, I watched a few OW streamers that were saying how boring and crappy the game was playing vs AI, yet wouldn't step up and play even QM.

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