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Bump. This is silly.
No portrait, and no Ballisitix mount. :(
Portrait is out on the PTR, and will be released with patches on Dec 13.
12/04/2016 11:49 AMPosted by Kris
Bump. This is silly.

Silly that you don't have something they haven't implemented yet?

It's coming, and spamming posts on it won't make it be any faster. If you fulfilled the requirements just patiently wait. Not like your life depends on some pixels being in game yet or not.
You'll get it with the next patch...
Just figured I'd give an update that I got my portrait, so it's implemented now.
Didn't follow the Fall tournament this year, but still got both the portraits for the tournament and its finals! :D

Probably they messed something up and lost the list of the players who truly connected to watch the championship, so they sent them to everyone who owned a twitch account connected to their channel (I made it for the previous portraits).

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