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For starters, I do appreciate the level of mobility he gets for playmaking targets across the map with the Twin Blades buff. it's uniquely fun to adapt this on comps though the price is dropped on his personal survival. An example be late tiers like Shield Surge got nerfed to an earlier tree requiring a 25% threshold, I feel panicky to drop low health on him now oppose before the reliability going down he can keep tanking heroes immensely should you gone a different path.

It's something I miss greatly on this hero whose core philosophy fights against the odds until the end, that's the Protoss mantra for you. Still wished they kept some semi builds for him going instead of forcing 'specified talents' like Shield only at 4.

Alright- rant over. I'm mainly going on a Bruiser spec for how rework improved and touched that for him. Always go for Amateur Opponent in Battlefields of Eternity otherwise all remains untouched.

1) Seasoned Marksmen - Got buffed alot, no longer capped at 40. (Amateur in BoE)
4) Shield Surge- Life support option and seems to be the best out his other lacking talents there.
7) Follow Through OR Solarite Reaper- Depends if you want single or AoE aspect for him.
10) Suppression Pulse- Rehgar/AA era this seems much impactful than a 80 second Beam.
13) Triple Strike- With the Twin Blades increased range and Overload nerf this is much passable, helps reduce trait quick while locking in damage.
16) TItan Killer- Reached Assassin single damage output, Artanis becomes a primary focus against squishier heroes.
20) Force of Will- Helps stay in the fight longer.

With his reworked phase what do other people go to now? I've seen Bulwark mixed with some his attack talents that worked well instead a typical Q build. Share your alternatives.
1, 4 is correct.
7 has a lot of viable options, but generally Solarite Reaper is the best. Your Q now does respectable damage, and it helps tremendously with waveclear (which is doubly important for Artanis because it helps with farming SM stacks).
13: Phase Bulwark is your default. If the enemy has little ability damage the CDR talent for Q is amazing, and synergises greatly with Solarite Reaper as well. At this point, Artanis's spell damage is comparable to Li-Ming orbs or KT flamestrikes, and his waveclear is among the best in the game. Triple strike is actually terrible. You trade a small damage increase for LESS frequent gap-closing and it has anti-synergy with 16 as well, giving less vulnerability uptime.
16: Psionic Wound is BY FAR the best talent on that tier. It allows you to put vulnerable on enemies with a freaking 50% uptime, making your W effectively Colossus Smash (except with more damage and more uptime). Dont think about Titan Killer - while it gives more damage in 1v1 vs tanks it is ALWAYS inferior vs assassins, and even vs tanks it is weaker when you have allies with you. In rare cases, Plasma Burn can be good for even more AoE damage... but Psionic Wound is really hard to pass up.
20 is Nexus Blades. Killing your enemies faster - and no longer being kited so easily - gives you more survivability than a faster shield recharge.
You have a decent Build, here is Mine:
1. All Viable depending on the enemy comp, my fav is Amateur Opponent for taking objectives
4. Shield Surge
7. Solarite Reaper
10. Depends, but I prefer Suppression
20. Depends on how your team is doing, if you need to carry and win by yourself dueling 1v2 or 1v3 (I've done it), Force of Will does MIRACLES... Other then that, Nexus blades is your Go to to stick to them more and deal more damage.

This build is the most impactful build there is, you have the most damage on the team most of the time if you play him to his full potential, the only talents that never change for me are 4,7, 13 and 16, the rest depends.

The charge build is great, the only reason I opt out of Follow through is because the damage on Q has proven invaluable at sniping enemies and wave clearing. With this build, you basically can do everything yourself, specially with Amateur Opponent.

Only thing I miss is the ability to solo Bosses at level 13 with reduced CD on triplestrike.
12/29/2016 10:40 AMPosted by Raven
Only thing I miss is the ability to solo Bosses at level 13 with reduced CD on triplestrike.

Your build is fantastic, do want to put out I also use Solarite off a standard build sometimes. I may switch it up for more AoE/Wave-Clear.

And missed you could tank boss as Artanis little earlier than late. That's where the rework came in.
His talent diversity is pretty good. There might be some picks better than others, but I don't really think you can go too wrong no matter what you pick. I think it just comes down to reading your opponent's comp and your comp.

If you're solo tank for example on a map like battlefield of eternity, probably don't wanna get seasoned marksmen. If there's a lot of stuns, you probably should get more survivability talents that don't necessarily require too much auto attacking. If there's a lot of beefy tanks, probably want to get triple strike titan killer.
12/29/2016 10:56 AMPosted by Volun
If you're solo tank for example on a map like battlefield of eternity, probably don't wanna get seasoned marksmen.

Yeap, why I mentioned Amateur for BoE always. Immortals get shredded there.

12/29/2016 10:56 AMPosted by Volun
If there's a lot of beefy tanks, probably want to get triple strike titan killer.

It's viable against all beefy targets and semi good against squishies. Actually I do find all 16 good in their own way saved for Plasma Burn, it's useless when shield already weak and trait's on cooldown.
Arty does have a lot of versatility. I've been mostly playing him on QM with a pure dmg build very similar to the OP's build, but I've found that he doesn't have enough burst to finish off enemies. Also, he's very team dependent now and can't 1v1 like he used to. I like some of the suggestions here and will be testing out some new builds later. For Aiur!

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