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Following on from the announcement of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship we have information to share on what to expect for esports in Australia and New Zealand in 2017.

Next year we will be increasing the seasons to four (4) up from three (3) in 2016. This will provide more opportunity for local competition. Local prize money going forward will be in AUD currency with every season having a $20,000 prize pool. Each season will lead into a major global event where the top ANZ team will represent the region on the world stage. ANZ Season 1 will feed into the Western Clash in March.

Dates for the ANZ Season 1 Qualifiers are:

Gamestah Series Qualifiers: 15 January to 15 February
ANZ Heroes Qualifier: 11 February

The top two teams from both qualifiers will compete in the ANZ Finals on 18 February.

Qualifier sign-ups are open above, so begin filling out your team right now! Our regional site Heroes Looking for More is a great place to start if you have roles to fill or are looking to join a team.

Stay tuned for more detailed info on when you can watch all the Australian/New Zealand HGC action early in the new year.

2017 Season 1 image

2017 Seasons Overview

Glory in the Nexus awaits!
Time to get good!
As these events are kicking into gear it might be a good idea to give this a shameless bump. :)
The first Gamestah Qualifier is on TONIGHT!

https://www.twitch.tv/gamestahtv1 from 8pm AEDT

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