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This is a thread for people who cannot post on WoW forums to discuss World of Warcraft.
oh ok
tfw no plump fem dwarf butt to rest my head on

moira added to hots when ???
when they perma banned my forum account, I perma cancelled my subscription.
Why can't they?

Played Overwatch and didn't really care for it. But the moba influence intrigued me enough to try HotS on a whim. That was about 4-5 months ago... ish.

And now HotS actually got me to go back to WoW after a 5+ year absence. Been back in WoW now for about a week and I was planning on rolling a bunch of PvP only characters. I figured I was enjoying HotS enough that some more detailed (abilities, equipment, etc) PvP might be fun.

Mostly though... going to PvE and try and enjoy taking a Hunter (never rolled one) through all the old and new content... I left after Cataclysm so there's lots and lots for me to see.
I haven't been on the WoW forums in forever! I do miss playing on my Druid.
I was mama druid in my guilds, loved raiding and did some pvp but mostly raiding.
I remember when pve gear was the thing to be in for pvp you just rolled over ppl in the stuff. fun times.
Legion has been a miserable experience and has turned me off playing WoW ever again. It's sad to think about how far the game has fallen.
>Friend tells me to try out wow for the first time
>Goes questing and farming
>Skull levels keep harassing me
>Get body camped

Great experience btw.
Legion has been a lot of fun for me.

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