Congrats for making Murky just another anti-fun hero

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Oh that necro.
That's disgusting
Obviously OP wasn't around in Alpha and Closed Beta when Murky was a GOD. He has fallen far from his powerful days and just a mediocre hero now. I still enjoy playing him from time to time and there is 1 thing which has been a huge improvement - March of the Murlocs. That poor ult was terrible before the last Murky changes. It hardy hit anything and barely did any damage, thus with the CD on it was just not viable. Now at least you can used it to successfully setup a mutli-hero slow and maybe win a team fight with it.

Pufferfish has been nerfed to near non-usability. When HoTS went live, you could drop a slime a hero, drop PF and use Octo on them, wait for PF to pop and kill nearly any hero. Now the best you get is 10-15% HP taken away and you are bound to die after.

He is far from the great hero you make him out to be, but he sure can be annoying in the hands of a great Murky player.
Was reading the OP thinking has this guy played murky in the past 4 months, then I realized this was a Necro.....

Seriously people that bump year old threads need a forum time out for the same duration as the bump.
I read half the page before ie realized it was a necro thread. Happens when you on phone.

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