Which Hero Portrait Do You Use In-Game and Why?

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I alternate between the most recent brawl I earned, a handful of my favorite Heroes: Gul'dan, Butcher, Kael'thas or one from a special event.

I like showing off which characters I favor or I jus enjoy how the special event ones look.
I use my S3 GM HL portrait because it shows 2017. Was using Tespa Chen up till then.
I like the Dehaka icons and any of the Protoss ones, especially Alarak. But if I had to be honest, the icon that I really like is Abathur, even though I don't own him I like seeing that icon.
First Blizzcon one because it reminds me of Doctor Manhattan. Also, I think it's technically the oldest portrait? Correct me if I'm wrong on that.
I use Abathur so everyone knows I'm not afraid to ruin their QM experience
I just use the bracket challenge banner, a nice neutral flag.
lvl40 alpha portrait or golden tiger portrait.
03/17/2017 01:59 PMPosted by SirFerret
Diablo 3 portrait where you get lvl 10 with Butcher, Leo, and someone else I think.
You mean... Diablo himself?... :D
first week portrait, dunno why XD
Master Dehaka, because of my nicknamesake, he's as close as it gets. I just wish I could take the green skin tint on the portrait.
Only changed my portrait three times since beta, from Tyrande to master Tyrande, to Night Elf Betrayer Collection portrait.

I like night elves and leveling Malfurion to 10 when he was the worst support was an achivement aswell.

Also, waiting for Draenei to enter the Nexus

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