Why is it so hard to find specific heroes played in HGC

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I mean I had to spend TIME googling for the murky game and next up I'm going to find the butcher game played...

Its just like...guys can you make this process easier, if I see an off meta hero in such a high stakes game I want to find him after the fact to analyze what was going on!

Please think of this for viewers :)

(because I mentioned it...said murky game)
So what exactly are you proposing? I see the problem but you offered no solution.
I agree, still haven't seen Probius picked yet.
Maybe this will help: https://masterleague.net/

You can select the "Heroes" option at the top, then choose the "Matches" tab. You can then watch the vod or download the replay for most games. You can also see talent builds and such. It's a very nice site.

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