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Hey all, I was playing with 2 friends and we were all set to AUS however it put us into US server base games 3 times in a row with the wait only being around 3 mins. I am not playing any game with a 250 ping don't care what it is and I am a patient man and can watch videos while I wait - is there any way to prevent connecting to a region you don't want it to? If not there should be :)
Hey, No do not believe there is any way to only get aus servers, I also think this is an enormous issue as I have had it happen in 5v5 teamleague situations which is absurd.

More than happy to deal with the extra wait time if it means i never have to see 250ms again. Would not have even installed the game if 250ms was expected.
time and time again the cause of this has been made clear by a multitude of people, but i will state it once again.

if anyone in your group disconnects and you do not completely reform your party, there is a chance that until the party is reformed, server preference will become void, and as the most populated servers you most frequently play games in the US.
couldn't find that explanation anywhere, I have not played enough to warrant lurking in forums nor would I be inclined to even if I did. I did a few google searches and came up with zip -> this game is not particularly big and doesn't seem to have a big ANZ following. Thank you for the post but keep the dweller attitude. I came on to check for replies and suggest that a support ticket from a few ppl might be relevant to make Blizzard aware of the issue, now even more so if it is a known bug that has been around for a while
Hey folks,

While in general our AUS/NZ players should not be matched with US players, there are a couple legitimate use cases in which you will be matched, such as:

  • Not having Australia specifically set in your Preferred Game Server and if you are waiting long enough in queue.
  • Being in a party with someone who does not have Australia set in the Preferred Game Server.

Can you please provide time and date details as to the games you played where you were matching outside of Australia inappropriately?

- Zobrek
This has happened very frequently. All party members are set to Aus ONLY. Constantly matched in West US and Central US. I am currently playing the 5th game in a row where this has occurred. Restarting the game and/or client has no effect. It just eventually fixes itself.
Had an issue where all 5 of our party were queued in TL with preference set to Australia and we had 3 games in a row on Central US. This was not a fun experience. It also didn't help that were matched up with GM/Master players each time, and versed the same 2 out of those 3 games.
This happens if your or one of your party members disconnects momentarily. The best way around it is to usually restart HOTS.
I just played 4 games back to back, getting American servers, despite both me and my friend having our settings set to Aussie.

I think we don't need a preferred server, we need a list of servers we want to connect to or that we refuse connection to.

I would prefer waiting 6 minutes for a good game, that 3 seconds for a terrible 200-500ping game, where I cannot get my skillshots off. :(
This is a bug I have been reporting since beta. If someone in the party disconnects and reconnects, the future games will be US server, it forgets/ignores all the preferences. The only way to clear the bug is for the party member to leave and rejoin after the match.
"Being in a party with someone who does not have Australia set in the Preferred Game Server."

Can you confirm that if only 1/5 players is US in a team that it will preference US servers?
I Have been matched in a US server 3 games in a row just today, i'm in one right now. It just makes me and my friends not want to play this game anymore...
This is a common problem I have with one if my friends.

One odd thing - her ping for u.s server was 29ms (ish).
Whilst she is set to aus preferred (18ish ms). It is worrying that somehow it shows u.s as so low. I can assure you... her net isn't very good (in general aus net bad).

This IS ruining the game for the whole group.

And I've done an audit for screenshots from everyone. You have to get paranoid when you keep getting u.s servers. Settings are good.

I'm hoping try this restart client thing and hope it works. Will try for her first. And then for everyone if problem persists.
This happened 3 times last night (group queue, preference aus servers) and again this morning (solo queue, preference aus servers). I couldn't handle it. I just left. Please fix!
This happens to me and my friends alot.

We're both set to AUS preferred - but sometimes it queues super quick into Central or West US servers.

As most people have stated, we'd be happy to queue for longer to get a guaranteed AUS server and not a guaranteed tiltfest/mmr nosedive.

Im in america and 20-40% of my games are in australia, i cant stanf it, and why did my region forums switch to australia/nz too.
Hey guys,

It's a known issue that if a member of a party disconnects (and subsequently reconnects) throughout a game and the party re-enters queue, they will be placed on NA servers.

If you play with someone who is prone to latency to the point that chat messages in the vein of "Kharazim has left the game." are observed, simply 'disband' the party and re-invite the members once again before entering your next queue.

This quirk of the reconnect system has existed for as long as I can remember so it's probably worth getting used to it.
03/22/2017 12:43 PMPosted by Zobrek
Not having Australia specifically set in your Preferred Game Server and if you are waiting long enough in queue.

With less than 1 min of wait time, the game put us in Central US where the ping was around 2k.

03/22/2017 12:43 PMPosted by Zobrek
Being in a party with someone who does not have Australia set in the Preferred Game Server.

Every person in the group had Aus set as the preferred server.
4 man premade all having Australia set as region, all from Australia, 3 games in a row on Central America.

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