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07/10/2018 04:54 PMPosted by Giammod
It's that time again.
Time to complain about Alexstraza's model? Nope.
Time to bash the Overwatch heroes? No…
Time to spin the wheel of morality? Yes! wait, no:

Another major update has come and my favorite little builder has not had this issue addressed

OH NO! Red team probius is about to be killed by blue team's photon cannon!!

... what's that?

... That's HIS photon cannon? Absurd! That probius is black and red! Surely Blizzard would have made his pylon and photon cannon the same colors!
I can't imagine why this would be taking so long? It's the same model just updated texture to match the color of the Probius skin itself. Can't imagine it would take an artist too long to get this done. :(
Dear Blizzard, this is still an issue, I haven't forgotten. I just figured there's no point in bringing this issue up every single update.
03/06/2017 09:35 PMPosted by Giammod
As a spec main, I love Probius but I have a couple suggestions for her(I decided it's a her)

First: please add a charge for the Photon Cannon. One short-lived Photon Cannon hardly feels like an ability, maybe have the level 7 cooldown reduction talent also add a charge for the ability.

Second: As a Starcraft fan this one is more important to me. please update the art so that the pylon and photon cannon match the tint of Probius because it really looks wrong to see a Tal'darim Probe warp in a Khalai Pylon. It's not too hard, look, I do it for you:

I knew something was off when I played "her".
you sir (or madame) made a very valid point and I am very happy to know that the developer team is looking into this.
If i could email you a cookie of your favourite kind, I would, but you have to live with another like :)

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