Overwatch is simply better.

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Well... Overwatch is just an other FPS game... Aim, shoot. This same old gameplay since duke nukem 3d, sure you have fancy "tanks" and "healers" but those are boring to play anyway and are only picked because they are needed to win. The bottom line is, Overwatch is boring as hell.
04/01/2017 10:51 AMPosted by Geoxyx
-Slightly better matchmaking
-An actual reconnect system
-If someone leaves in the begining of the match, the match is canceled with no loss of mmr or rank to either teams
-and apparently, since you are copy and pasting it, a better cosmetic selling system.

It's so crazy how the overwatch team has become blizzards favorite new child. btw, it's datamined that the next hero in here might be from overwatch, lel.

We all know that but maybe we like this game more, and we think it has more potentional.
OVerwatch better? xDDDD

I had more fun playing battlefield 2 than overwatchers (and that was a 2005 game) xDDDDDD
Personally, I prefer oranges to apples.

What? I assumed that what this thread was about.
04/01/2017 11:45 AMPosted by Geoxyx
Actually it would just be better to get a second lootbox than reroll because you are essentially spending gold to, well, get a second lootbox chance and forsaking the stuff you got from the initial lootbox. That's one of the ways they intend to drain your gold, not surprised you'd fall for it.

So I spend my daily quest's worth of gold I'm not using on anything else for the chance to change my full common lootbox of sprays, emojis and shards into a lootbox that has an epic skin in it, and you're acting like it's a waste. Ok. You're right, your way is better. Much better for me to just like like 7 more games for another lootbox. Or I can reroll both full commons and have a higher chance of getting things I want.
Don't worry, Efede, it happens to everybody sometimes. :D
Uh oh, got another one
-An actual reconnect system

Dont afk.
Fix yo connection.
04/01/2017 02:38 PMPosted by MortalWombat
Fix yo connection.
There are ppl in rural aeras playing this game. They can't just "fix" their connenction like they only need volition and the problem will magically disappear.
Considering that Dota 2 and LoL are the two most popular esports games, and HotS being similar but with better graphics, it is a rather good pick.

The problems are another issue, though some aspects in these games or HotS I don't like, like the HotS's core strength vs LoL's core, and then the power of the groups and some healers makes it similarly difficult to impossible to get anything much done to the enemy.
Overwatch is a compleatly different game, you cant go it is better, I mean sure for some it might be, but then again some people might not like fps. Thats like saying blue is objectivly better then green. It is compleate nonsense

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