no points loss or reduced points lost if MVP of losing team

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Your argument is that a system that would take stats into account wouldnt be perfectly fair but you are simply ignoring that the current system is beyond unfair and that every slight improvement would already be a step in the right direction.

Taking anything into account other than winning or losing would create a biais, no matter how you look at it. It would induce secondary objectives that would impact the way players play, there is absolutly 0 doubt about that. People would inevitably look for safe ways to become MVP, I noticed that a specialist that does absolutly nothing but push and make sure he never dies will often become MVP unless somebody else in the game manages to get a very high kill or heal count with no death. People would start looking for different strategies to become MVP and that would make the overall gameplay worse that it is right now.

So in tournaments you win or lose as a team. For your individual rating your performance is imporant.

You took soccer rewards as an example. My question is: are these rewards solely based on STATS? It is one thing to consider invidual skill and it is a completely different thing to assume that STATS are good indicator of individual skill. Everyone agrees that your performance is important to evaluate your individual rating. The problem is that the little stats we have in HOTS are not always a good indicator of skill.
What ever you make the factors that'd affect the MMR changes, people would modify their playstyles and picks accordingly(we already would need to ban Abathur from current MVP factors).

This leads into a sort of prisoner's dilemma, where you have two choices, play to win or play to manipulate rating. This is less of a problem for players who are in the process of climbing, but more something people who they are playing with who are at their intended level. This hurts any one who play with them and most people will choose to do so.

It is basic human nature to pick the option where the bad out come is less worse and the good outcome is better(less lost and more won) than to pick the option to just play to win and win less or lose more, especially since even on player choosing the selfish option guarantees you will not reach the better result just by playing to win. This is even worse than the regular prisoner's dilemma as there it is mostly suggested you are ratting out someone you worked with, here you only have to duck over unknowns.

Also I love the dishonesty of first asking which option is more fair then restating the question but asking which is more accurate after realising fairness wise the argument doesn't work.
I agree with beeing true MVP, like having multiple top stats in game like Siege/Herodmg/Healing/Exp.
Not the "Hurr im abathur i did not die whole game so i get mvp"

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