Auto-select is broken

Bug Report
Auto-select doesn't choose what hero your team needs most, with favorites selected. With it on I've been made an assassin despite the team already having 4 and I had other roles selected as well.

Also, it doesn't use your loadouts.
ooo this seems like something blizzard would take interest to, keep this around and bumping somehow
It is indeed broken.

I was doing a full random select, I own all but 2 heroes.. First 3 games I got Alarak, so I took it off auto and played a game of something else.. put it back on auto and got 3 cassia games..

so random
Figure this isn't something that will get looked into real easily as there's a large variety of heroes not to mention who really plays random select... Games to fresh for that.
I like to use auto-select cause i hate being on a team with 2 healers or 4 assassins...

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