I'm sick and tired of Li Ming players

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Personally I don't like Teleport build, but if I were to use it I guess the best build is:

    1.Aether Walker
    16.Diamond Skin
    20.Temporal Flux
Teleport build is probably the best, but for a tanky enemy team with heavy frontline a missile build is pretty good too. It is also safer. The pros never play anything but teleport builds because snowballing the fight with resets is the only reason she's picked. For poke and pressure there are more suitable heroes, like Gul'dan.

Orb build however is strictly worse. It can be devastating in some niche situations, but overall it's not very effective. Usually you need to be able to flank safely to hit a good orb, but then enemies just back off to replenish health and you get no kills. Even if I get a lot of value from Triumvirate and deal huge damage, I never really consider Arcane Orbit for a full orb build - hitting from such distance is too unlikely, unless you perfectly flank and throw it over a wall. Then again, the last time I picked even Zei's Vengeance was probably half a year ago.
And here I thought this is going the be a thread talking about those braindead mings the use teleport build and suicide every teamfight. Little that I know he is one of them lol
Yes, liming noobs always go for teleport build and die at the first jump in every single time.

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