Chogall thread.

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I love chogall. I strictly play him in QM on voice comms with my buddy (HL I don't think I'd be able to, it would be a mess).

He is just a blast to play. And no, I have played the counters in QM. Greymane a, tychus', Leoric, raynor and so on. But honestly a smart chogall knows when to get out. The only one I really fear out of all of em is leoric.

I for one think that the level 16 on cho with the unstoppable healing q is one of the biggest power spikes in the game. He can just sit there and run in circles while I poke with gall.

I also find galls bombs away quest to be ridiculous. I usually let cho hold the trait, and by 16 my bombs are still hitting for 800+.

This thread really is just to remind people that chogall is not an instant loss. I've had numerous people say "chogall gg" and it's sad. People just don't know how to work with him.
Forgot to mention that I find shifting nether to be WAYYY better than shadow bolt. But that's just me. Thoughts?

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