Huge Average MMR difference in QM.

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06/21/2017 02:13 PMPosted by Volun

People can read your posts just fine lol. It's why you always get contradicted because you aren't smart enough to write let alone make a coherent argument. At the end of the day, most of what you said doesn't make sense. Fact is you can complain all you want, the matchmaker will totally screw up sometimes, and that will happen no matter what game you play.

Where is the contradiction?

Maybe you're not the sharpest tool in the shed if you think that what I've said here isn't coherent and very clear in fact. I'm writing these posts with people like you in mind, so even you should be able to understand.
Obviously I should either treat you like you're a slow person or stop wasting my time on ego-tripping fellow.

I mean, you above all claim someone else isn't smart is a huge irony.

The guy that thinks when he realized that MM puts players available at the current time is something revolutionary is astonishing, so he tries to look smart by inventing the hot water lmao

That "at the current time" isn't a good thing by itself. As evidenced by the former (?) TL fiasco with bronzies getting in a match against masters despite only waiting 10 seconds in the queue.
That is a terrible thing for MM to do, and they realized it.

That can also happen to a lesser degree (per individual) in every other mode. It's exactly what is happening most of the time. The differences between the lowest and highest player is enormous.
Even at the best hours and with low queue times. There is also a proof of that too.
Its a problem with their "new player protection" thing

for some reason they try to keep all players with under 250 games in the same pool while completely ignoring MMR and win rate. They will match someone with 150 games that has high win rate/MMR with a brand new player in their first 10 games.

the matchmaking is just terrible but its quickmatch so you can't expect much

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