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Hello Blizzard
Assign topic to bugs please
1. Hammer sgt non-sgt mode "E" button does noise but - if you are under attack - no action. dragon punch, stun. Doesn't matter what. If you are not watching hero and pressing "E" button after noise I am expecting action, but for some reason hammer does nothing - just frkng noise.
2. 17" LCD. Since when Diablo does jumping more than my screen and hammer range?
3. For how long we will play Japanese map and why Grade2-3 allowed to manage players here?
Thank you
If it's makes sense
Can we do the same for all other heroes?
they will push E button and will get only noise as response? no any action
thank you
im getting the same bug
It's ok hammer E not doing action - only noise
Can you disable this option for all heroes?
I see
Blizzard knows how to read private/whisper players chats and ban for that but doesn't know how to reply for official public bug
Technically, this is the General Discussion forum. The Bug Report forum is here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/13268292/

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