Well known bot 'Crow' still going

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For season after season Crow is still allowed to freely bot. Thanks Blizz.
Had the same problem.
I think this is an "unsupported" game at this point.

Time to move on

Blizzard unfortunately got bought by a company with a pump and dump approach to software.
relevant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZwUny-u-vQ
He's still playing
He is Half Man Half Machine xD
Daddy disco active on the forums :bwwow:
only somewhat =P I check them now and then.
Crow is still large. Just played a game with him as Muradin and he racked up 0-16, constant random engages 1v5 and clear scripted mechanics. Do your !@#$ing jobs Blizz.
Just had yet another game with Crow (on the opposing team). Constant feeding straight into us, 16 deaths and lost them the game.

Ruins it for the other 9 in the game every time, to the extent that people regularly disconnects from games with him in.
Fix this !@#$ Blizz, I've paid plenty for this game and I want customer support NOW. Just had to disconnect from a draft because he was in the game.
It would be great if there was an actual working report system in this game. The quality of matchmaking would improve tremendously

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