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I have become pretty good with Garrosh myself (although win rate may suggest differently) and the fact it doesnt prioritize heroes can be useful. If it were to be able to prioritize, it would be nice if that was a toggle or a talent. Just last game I played I threw an NPC at a player that ran for the well for the killing blow where if you threw a hero instead youd get the kill but your team wouldnt be engaged against that hero any more losing the advantage that zoning out and killing that player caused. The ally toss would be nice to prioritize friendly heroes tho...there is a bigger limit to when I want to throw a friendly NPC and those times are when I am soloing.
07/31/2017 12:25 PMPosted by MattVi

Yes this is intentional. The rule is a simple "throw the closest target", so Garrosh has to care about his positioning when he's trying to use the ability, and enemies can counterplay a bit by being smart about their own positioning.

I appreciate this goal which is why I always thought it would be nice to reduce the reach of who Garrosh could throw (make Garrosh get closer to his target) but prioritize heroes.

This way landing the 'Q' combo is still rewarding for the person playing Garrosh but it can give people a realistic chance to run away from him or use a mobility option before the combo is completed.
07/31/2017 10:32 AMPosted by Harlbinger
The skill has no priority for enemy heroes if they are standing near the minions.
Is that intentional?

Yes that was obvious to me by the description and narration in preview videos before his release. Otherwise it would be a skill-less ability.
It is already powerful enough and would be too powerful if you could prioritize heroes. Considering that a flip usually means death.
So, being unable to wreckthrow Diablo, anubarak and some other heroes is intentional? While being able to throw chogall... (on these two and on muradin not even my W cant do dmg and heal me, or was it bug?)

His seventh talent definitevely should have priority on allied heroes, instead of closest thing/even creeps)

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