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After update I cannot join any games, it says it's unavailable as a game mode for QM, Unranked and Ranked. All patched up, restarted 3 times, nothing helping. Don't want to uninstall because that's stupid, what is happening to my game? How do I fix it? How can I prevent having to reinstall? How can you assure me reinstalling will work? I would have sent a ticket in on this but the website won't allow me to, only to post here. Very freaking convenient Blizzard.
"CLIENTSIDECACHE_ERROR_HTTP_FILE_NOT_FOUND" error massage keep showing up when I am at home page or looking at collections.

is what I get
I have had the same issues. Doesn't matter the game match setting, or what I am trying to do. Have tried a scan/repair and nothing was discovered.
Same dude, ima check back tomorrow and see what's up
Getting the same error. Pops up every few seconds. Cannot join any games modes.
Yup, same crap. Overly frustrating. Hopefully it'll be patched quickly.
Having the same issue, can't play any mode.
I'ma scan and repair and then reinstall and idk we'll see how it goes
Same problem, repair tool and reinstall have solved nothing.
This is happening to me too. Completely unable to play the game. Very frustrating since my friends and I only get to play at rare times in the day.
same, repair and restart did nothing.
Yep, same here. That error is what brought me here. Was looking forward to the updates. Glad its not just me. Blizz please fix.

Thought it might be something in the %temp% dir, but clearing that had no effect.
The update must have done something, it was fine before
Blizzard is aware. Follow the Blue Blizzard links for updates:
08/08/2017 04:04 PMPosted by Nathardrick

Hi friends,

We are looking in to this problem now and hope to have a fix soon. Keep your eyes on[url=" "] this thread [/url]for updates :)

Same CLIENTSIDECACHE_READ_HTTP_FILE_NOT_FOUND issue for me. FYI I am playing on Mac.

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