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So I just had a rated game where our Medivh
(player name Xplicit)
AFKed all game. No reason given . No response to messages. Possibly a bot.
Third game I've seen him do this tonight.
I am sure he's getting x 4 player reports for AFK every game.
Others tell me they've seen him doing it for weeks.

I am here just to confirm nothing is being done by blizz about this all reports are just ignored / report system is non actioned ?

Has anyone else quit the game because of unaddressed trolling ?

Pissed WAMO <
This player has been reported at least over 1000 times.. Nothing has ever happened to the account.. Reporting does nothing.. Even though this account is a well known botter
Thank you for responce Blizzard and for your actions! I am writing bad words about Blizzard when I am reporting players and nothing happend to me :)) So I am sure nodoby is even reading them :D
Good game, good support, good feeding :) Lets go Xplicit and other !@#$s :D
this guy is doing this for at least the 3-4 last season still not ban or any sanction have been taken from blizzard to go against this kind of cancer.
it's just really frustrating going ranked and seeing him in the game, can't even quit at the pick phase noaw has you lost more point than trying to play the game... rules are made for bad behavior in this world...
I changed to US server just to avoid Xplicit. It is an absolute joke this account hasn't had a ban. Thanks Blizzard
HELLO Blizzard?!! This player is constantly feeding and AFKing intentionally. Numerous reports have been submitted, but nothing is being done? Why have a report button there if you don't listen to the community. This player is making the game play for so many people very poor.

Just made a thread about him, dude's a blight on the community.

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