Who is your favorite hero and why?

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When I started playing HOTS my first pick was ETC, mainly because of me being a metalhead and I really liked his voicelines quoting popular songs. But after playing him for a while I just fell in love with his playstyle, his unrivaled peel and CC. Now I'm lvl70 with him, hoping to get 100 someday.
I really like D.Va kit a lot, she is really fun
Mine changes;

Main is Nova cause poking and dealing high damage is fun (before stealth patch), Im level 43 with her

Now it's Butcher, it's just fun charging at squishies

Right now, I am trying Falstad......
It bounces around a lot. When I first started playing maybe 8-9 months ago it was Nova. I've loved stealth sneaky ranged types in any game. A few months later I latched onto Abathur, because he was very different, and you could simultaneously be supporting and attacking. Few things are as satisfying as having a great hat partner.

I then had a Hammer phase (pre rework), then a Chen. Now I'm all about Murky. Being an aggressive little bugger that is deceptively powerful is super fun.

If you can't tell I generally play underdog heroes, it's fun to do well when you're expected to suck.
Well played Sylva is just devastating combination of specialist and assassin who cant be ever catched. MM gives you trouble? Then pick Sylva and take revenge on that misfortune. Dont even stop running while waveclearing, tear fortifications head on, spam DMG everywhere, if someone ambushed you then you cant be pursued in many direcions at the same time so BB, nobody can run away easily and well placed silence is end of line for most of squishes without AA.
Just become nightmare of your foes.
Brightwing. She is the most adorable psychopath. She also has a great kit with lots of buffs and support options and polymorph is so hated that it has to be good (it is so very very good). Just being able to turn a whirling, enraged Sonya, yolo Varian, cup-channeling Li Li, spinning Valla, or diving Genji that thinks he's going to protect up and get away into a sheep and laugh at them while they die is too much fun. And the global presence and ability to turn a 2 on 1 gank into a 2 on 2 win is fantastic.
Honestly it has to be Li Li. She is the kind of hero that anyone can play but hard to master for the fact that you need to focus a lot on where you are so that you can manipulate the game to do what you want.

Before the changes she could be a powerhouse in the dps department. Double support was rather fun with her.

I always dreamed of zipping around and dodging everything as a melee hero that had so much talent diversity that he could upgrade his basic capabilities any way you want during a match.

I have also dreamed of being a solo support.

It wasn't until HOTS that I found out that I could do both.

Seriously. If you haven't tried him: Do it. Easily the most fun hero and one of the most mobile as well. And.....well......insight. Enough said.

I also enjoy Life Ming's burst and easy positioning, and though Rexxar is about the farthest possible from my playstyle he is crazy fun once you get the hang of him. Plus a great laner.
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I really like D.Va kit a lot, she is really fun

Another admirer of D.Va. Are you interested in an active discord for Blizzard games including discussing lore and D.Va?
Warrior: I love D.va because I can really nullify a lot of damage with Defense Matrix while also disrupting the enemy team. And when I eject I can help with some damage. It is just fun to me

Assassin: I would have to say Nova, I have always liked the ghosts on Starcraft ever since I first learned about them. Although most of the matches I get people insulting me or blaming me for picking Nova. I stil pick her nonetheless, I really feel like a covert operative. Lurking in the shadows and bushes sniping the !@#$ outta people and then using the voice line ''Threat Eliminated''.

Specialist: I play really a lot of specialists but I think I got 2 on the same spot for my favorite!

-Sylvanas: I have always loved the lore behind Sylvanas. Ever since I met her in the WC3 Undead Campaign I just loved her desire to protect her people and then how she got turned into a banshee and plotted her revenge against Arthas. Love how she commands her Forsaken and is like a deity to them. ''The Dark Lady watches over you'' Also how she can be really flexible and if needed take the role of a not-so-bad assassin dishing out some Black Arrows

-Sgt. Hammer: Siege tanks have always been a loved unit for me. I always use them while defending a base and in holdouts they are the best units one could ask for. Kowalski embodies all that Siege tank feels by just sittin' there and shooting all your crap down.

Support: I main support and so I have looooooots of favorites, but the one I'm using lately is Tyrande. The combination she provides (She can't just heal but also do a lot of damage) makes me feel a little more useful. While in combat she can lower the CD of her heals and keep the team alive while also providing useful damage. Love how she is still a warrior as in Lore but also a Priestess of Elune

But only when they were not prepared and we were.

I rarely get to play Illidan if ever. My team has to be built right, I can't be first pick, enemy team can have already drafted every counter under the sun, it has to be a good map, 2 virgins must be sacrificed and the planets have to be in the proper alignment in order to pick him.

I guess my number 2 is Diablo, zzzzz.
Chen. I’m like a junkie who remembers those couple of times when doing coke was super fun, and keeps doing it thinking it’s going to be fun again. Instead it’s just all crap.

Such is my Chen experience. Those miracle couple of patches where he was amazing keep bringing me back. I still get excited seeing the patch notes splash screen cuz Chen is on it. I always hope it’s Chen news. Sadly it usually is, except it’s a nerf.
For me it's Cho'Gall (either of them), because I play with my twin and it's just awesome.

Unless Blizz does eventualy add another 2-player heroe (which I doubt will happen, but I've seen it suggested a few times), there will probably never be any competition for my favorite.

Not counting him, though, I pretty much like all of them except Warriors, (and TLV, it's just too difficult for me to play them not-horribly), but Blaze looks like he might be fun.
Rexxar and Gall. Rexxar is one of favorite characters of all time, and I love fighting with pets. For Gall, it's working together with allies, and Gall's entire purpose is to be a turret and keep Cho alive. I wish I could play these two every game- but they're two of the hardest heroes to pick...

He protec. He attac. But most importantly he is Justice itself.
Dehaka, I can be a freaking iguana from space that evolves and stalks, hunts and preys his enemies.
D.Va is basically the only tank I play, and Auriel the only support. They're fun and I like the characters, plus they are both versatile yet not popular enough to get banned/picked in most cases.

Kael is probably my favorite in terms of abilities/gameplay, but I hate all of his skins so I don't pick him very often. I'm not a big fan of the Nova rework but I'd still say she's my favorite overall.
I have a decent number of favorites...

Warrior would probably be ETC because I feel like I can make a difference with him, with Leoric & Artanis following for second due to their strength in waveclear and dueling respectively.

Specialist: I enjoy most specialists, but my best would be Zagara. I <3 Zag. Absolute favorite laner with few heroes who can outlane me, and nydus allows be to heal up and dance around the map.

Assassin: Tricky, since there's a lot of fun ones. Raynor may not be the strongest, but he's dependable. Zul'jin and Alarak are fun and their personality/voice lines are great. Kel can send ragdolls to the stratosphere. Junkrat is fun for blowing things up.
Hanzo is probably my favorite though atm. Good damage, decent mobility, and can clear camps like a boss; can't wait for his movement bugs to be fixed tho.

KHARAZIM...insight. Enough said.
*high-fives* Kharazim kicks butt and Insight rocks. Iron fists is for fools.
I have two; Dehaka, and Illidan.

I recently started playing Dehaka a lot, and have grown to like him over the week that he was free. Something about landing that crucial Drag to guarantee a kill never gets old.

And I like Illidan simply because of how mobile he is, and how much skill he takes to be effective. Dashing around the backline while negating AA's is very fun.
My favorite hero is Dehaka....and It still surprises me. He was on the rotation one week, and I hadn't played him prior, so I was going to level him up to 5, just for the gold. But....Man, playing him, he felt AMAZING. I loved his old talents like the movement speed increase, he feels just...So impactful, and I always find myselfs reaching the top of the damage charts. New Dehaka is just as great, with the talent to gain essence on basic attack, and I'm quite enjoying Adaptation. I have around a 61% winrate with him, though I haven't played him regularly, since I've been testing out every hero in the game to see which I like.

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