Next hero after Alexstrasza and Hanzo?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
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Selendis would be awesome :3 Karrax and Vorazun ofc too ^^
11/18/2017 01:54 AMPosted by Saphi
I hope for Yrel...

But Firebat is the lastone, that is missing on the "leaked" list.

Is there a new "leaked" list?
Aside Velen as a healer, Yrel would fit in the warrior category really well. :)
11/03/2017 01:17 PMPosted by Kraken
if Warcraft Mannoroth

I would love Mannoroth imo. I think he'd make a great bruiser or multiclass similar to Artanis or Varian
Extra diablo heroes are always welcome imo. But I don't feel Imperius to be as appealing as the evils we are missing. Mephisto and Baal are the ones I'm looking forward to. I think that Izual could be interesting too. At least I always liked it back in D2.[/quote]

I'd really want to see Urzael from Reaper of Souls. A giant fat angel who throws fire all over the place? Hell ya imo
i dont really care from which game we get a new character. I enjoyed many of the heroes we got in this year. But there are still some heroes i would like to see. I never played warcraft but Deathwing or Black hand (i think this was his name) look interesting. I would like to see Zoltun Kull or Ghom from Diablo 3. Im not sure about Firebat from SC. Maybe Swann or Karax would be better. And (even though nobody wants them) i would like to see Torbjörn and Reinhardt from Overwatch.
I hope the next one is a tank, the game needs more bruisers and solotanks.

high probable from starcraft or diablo i quess. It could be fenix or firebat. maybe leah from diablo or an evil hero like belial,baal or mephisto
Well I really want some diablo heroes, but since in 2015 we got 4, in 2016 we got 3 and in 2017 we got 2 things are going downhill real fast with the plague that is ow.
Would be really lovely to see something "special" and unconventional again.
Something of the likes of Abathur, TLV and Cho'Gall.
Aidan and Diablo update (more diablo skins, banners, sprays), rework or buff of Medivh. My dream
Kyle Blackthorne? Mephisto? Firebat?
Grommash please... please
I would not mind a wow paladin, protection and retribution. Respectively Yrel and Liadrin.
Reinhardt, Vol'jin , deckard cain, Gabriel tosh there are alot of choices heck maybe even a infernal of the burning legion or a primal zerg though i'm honestly hoping for Zenyatta would be interesting to see how they manage that though if they add a demon from wow maybe one of the commanders or even better one of the Ancients like Goldrinn(Lo'gosh) or one of the loa(troll gods)
who knows all i can say is whatever the character it'll be fun
11/11/2017 11:56 PMPosted by DarthWalrus
Reaper, who kills all the Overwatch hero and leaves.

sc reaper or OW reaper?
If they want to ad a starcraft than hopefully it will be fenix in my opinion. But what i realy want is a trion fordring or a mephisto .
We're missing an Overwatch Specialist, so I'm sure we'll get one sooner or later.
When you start the game, if you look at the right of Alexstrasza there is an "Angelic thing" flying in the sky... i'm pretty sure that the next hero would be a Diablo character and more specific an Angel... Probably Imperius or Itherael.
12/03/2017 01:36 AMPosted by Sober667
11/11/2017 11:56 PMPosted by DarthWalrus
Reaper, who kills all the Overwatch hero and leaves.

sc reaper or OW reaper?
Foe Reaper 5000?
so still no leak for who next? since we got like 99% of the character on the previous leak only the firegarbage(bat) left but maybe we will get more datamined when hanzo will launch on the live server

I know he's wow... but he's colorful, his look is awesome, and WoW team just shafted him pretty hard. Just looking for Heroes to give him the love he deserves. Seriously, google him, and look at the art tied to him.... Bad !@#!

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