QM is a factor in hero balance

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09/16/2017 02:29 PMPosted by Geoxyx
09/16/2017 12:17 PMPosted by Bellarryl

Problem: how are you going to make someone like Gazlowe competitive for high-level play without making him overbearing in low-level play and make lower-level players utterly miserable against him? Or Valeera? Or Samuro? Nova? There's probably plenty more, too.

Some designs end up being a massive pain to actually balance for high-level competitive play without making them curbstomp lower-level games and that simply isn't acceptable for a ranked mode anyone can jump into, whether they're experts at MOBA design or not.

They didn't seem to have a problem with designing medivh, to be viable at top play while not being overbearing in qm, but that's just my two cents .

they knew at release that he would be a high skill player and only high skill level play would be good with him. Could you imagine what he would be like if they tuned him down for theh casual crowd?
Well hang on a sec. Put yourself in Blizz' shoes for a second.

Your job is to make sure that as many people as possible are enjoying themselves. A hero broken in QM but 'fine' at the highest levels is crippling to a huge portion of your game. You cannot leave a hero to dominate any game mode, or else that entire mode becomes stale.

It's not a matter of casual versus pro, or 'catering' towards one group over another, not in the slightest - you can tell yourself that the game would be better if it focused on the pro scene until you're blue in the face, but if you're taking actions that actively hamper the majority of the playerbase, whether intentionally neglecting them or not, you will not have a game at all.
If you open a restaurant with crap food do you think the clients are gonna be satisfied if you just tell them the place is new and many of the dishes are still a work in progress?

minus your pitiful attempt at asking a loaded question, yes.

There are literally shows and a market built around that concept. Did you not know that or bother to think that through before typing it out?

cuz gj on detracting from whatever point you tried to have.
09/16/2017 01:41 PMPosted by tyranidlunch
and if you want to cater to casual nubs,then NOVA needs a huge huge nerf as she is a real QM curb stomper.
Lol, please. She has a couple dozen counters, and even in QM that win rate is barely above 50%.
Wow, the HotS forums actually defending the idea of balancing with QM in mind? Did I fall into some alternate world in the Nexus or something?

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