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200+ ping while playing Hero League . Please Blz, if you can not match AU/NZ players for me, tell me then. There is NOTHING to play if i am with 200+ ping. I lost more than 3 games with that.

In WOW, it's ok but players need smoothly internet in Hots thank you.
I'm a US player, but I always end up in AU site, there is no way its playeable
Press ctrl + alt + f to check up the top left your server. It's possible you set your preferences to NA and not Australia/Singapore. I never get 60ms+ on Aus servers.
I had the same issue. I'm in the Western United States but the game kept connecting me to Singapore servers with 200+ ping. Fixed by changing the game server region from "Best Match" to my region with the following steps:

Options>Language and Region>Set 'Preferred Game Server' dropdown to desired region>Click 'Accept'

Ping is under 20 now.

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