Sgt hammer changes are awefull.

Hero and Skin Suggestions
The insanity! They RUINED Sergeant Hammer AGAIN ! ! !
They took away her bfg's ability to take out enemy structures ! !
So thank you blizzard, i passed about 3 month to play only with sg. Hammer, played around 1k matches, and today, you ruined all my dreams and all my achieved fun. So, i never buy any games from you from now.
Constructive Hammer Feedback:

The BFG change is stupid, capricious, lazy, and the development team should know it. The change wasn't even PTR tested...

BFG hitting structures did not guarantee a win.
BFG hitting structures increased pressure.
BFG hitting structures could not destroy core without player intervention.
Anyone complaining these about these things, doesn't understand the way core shielding works.
100% removal?
Typical use case for level 10 BFG:
Someone charges Sgt. Hammer solo, their hp gets low, they run away.
BFG is a finisher for Hammer, they die.
Typical use case for level 20 Orbital BFG
The game has been going on for 40 minutes, and the enemy team is turtling.
Orbital exerts pressure by enabling catapults, because the enemy team won't push.

Now, since the rest of the team has been staying within Hammer's rules/range, I believe it's a fair trade off that Hammer gets an ability that just works.

If Hammer is doing too much damage to structures? Reduce the structure damage by a percentage.
Not quite what you want? Make Orbital stop while Hammer is dead.
Just want to kill Orbital entirely? (-_- /angry)
Make BFG more skill shot oriented; reduce it's cooldown per hero hit.

Since you at Blizzard obviously dislike Sgt. Hammer, let's discuss her talents.
I'm still hoping you consider giving her "detector" / let her see everything in range while siege mode.

Tier One
I still believe all these talents should be "rounds" / what Ammunition loadout Hammer has
Ambush - with changes to stealth, this talent largely sucks. At best you get 1-2 shots off when you get graduating. Shift Pulse core here.
Advanced Artillery - Bit boring, needs to do something when not in siege
Maelstrom Rounds - Useful, both for combat and PVE

Tier Two
Regenerative Biosteel - Love the name change. Let's face it though, without this talen, Hammer lacks the sustain to stay siege mode.
Siege tactics - No. Just no. It's so conditional that I see it as a downgrade.
Barricade - Modern heroes jump, flip over, run around, or bypass walls. Hell, Zagara's banelings pass through this one. With Butcher's Lamb's to slaughter, it's not even a valid counter anymore.

Tier Three
Pulse Detonation - Why is this on this tier? If Hammer can't siege due to comp, choose this? Right. /eyeroll
Instead, there needs to be a talent that helps Hammer out of siege, normal shooting. Say slightly more AA range?
Hover/Gradiating - fine

Tier Four
Napalm - Takes stupid amounts of mana, and doesn't even clear minion waves properly. Needs a slow or a stun, because it lacks the finishing power Hammer needs.
BFG - Covered this earlier

Tier Five
Tactical Mine Deployment - This just feels stupid being on same tier as Hypercooling. Why isn't Hammer allowed synergism?
Entrenched - I actually like the new Entrenched, clears minion waves better than Napalm.
Hyper-Cooling - Why this needs to only work in siege mode, boggles the mind. Should always work, if you're overly concerned give non-siege a different cd reduction

Tier Six
Mechanical - Usually Hammer's HP goes down fast or not at all. So 5% is nothing. If Hammer is in danger, I'd prefer to shoot faster, not harder...
Executioner - Too situational
Giant killer - Standard, especially given Hammer is one of the few heroes that has a Tank/Warrior counter.

Tier Seven
Orbital - Discussed, now largely dead
Advanced Lava Strike - If the original Lava Sucked, why would I invest more talents into something that won't see it's full damage potential?
Shrapnel Mines - Absolutely no clue why this is a storm talent. Maximum is ?+30%? damage. And you've denied Hammer the synergy to use this talent.
Ultra Capacitors - Why is this only vs Heroes?
Make it every X hit vs structures gives a charge.
This is end game, level 20, and Hammer needs to help the team clear structures. Hitting a hero then a structure is just lame.

Overall, I'm not sure the Development team has a clear picture of where they want Hammer to be with modern hyper mobile and invincible heroes.
Just saw this on the lastest Patch notes...

Blunt Force Gun (R)
No longer deals damage to enemy Structures
Developer Comment: This change is to address situations where Orbital BFG could kill enemy Forts, Keeps, and potentially end the game with no counter-play from the opposing team. We realize that this is a minor nerf to Blunt Force Gun and a fairly hefty nerf to Orbital BFG. Both talents are performing well right now, so we will be waiting to see if they need a buff in some other area to compensate for this loss in functionality.

No longer does damage to Structures?!?!???? Wha.... really? The BFG is pretty much garbage vs heroes. Fenix's Purification Salvo does more damage and is guaranteed to land as long as enemies are within the scan, which most times they easily are, and they don't need to be in a straight line. Even his Planet Cracker has utility to zone unless the want to stand init an take damage. The only reason I ever saw anyone take BFG was for the pressure orbital BFG brought to structures late game. I never felt like it did enough burst damage to compete with other newer Ults from newer heroes. Taking this away will make it's pick rate go way down. They'll need to drastically up the damage if it'll be viable again. Oh and Orbital rarely offers anything to a team fight since most players are out of the area once it come back around. This pretty much mean that it's only point is to clear lanes of minions which it sometimes doesn't do since it has a narrow path and the lanes aren't always in a straight line. At least make the initial shot do more damage vs heroes.
Sgt. Hammer is utterly useless now. The one play he had was just taken from him. With the meta and all the mobility and dive, Hammer was already useless to begin with.

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