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Why put up a brawl for heroic levels when new players and those with little or no experience can ruin it (and DO) for others? Seriously, what a waste of time and energy your game has become, why would you even offer squishy assassins in such a lineup? Fix the damned thing so it doesn't happen again!
It gave me a good afternoon of great fun. I learned quite quickly that some heroes were useless for it compared to other heroes and tried my best to help people through that process as well. Sometimes people would listen, sometimes they wouldn't and I would do my hardest to try to get us a win.

I managed to net a win after about 5 times, even with someone choosing Morales over another healer, but it was fun being able to help someone to a win.

I guess it depends what you find fun in a game. If you're main goal is to beat the challenge and get fired up every time makes a less than ideal decision, this isn't the brawl for you. Wait until the next one and try again.

Just my two cents.
It's been one of the most well received brawls, ever... The only other brawl that people might like more is Pull Party.

Why not group up with friends and try it?
While difficult honestly my biggest issue was people wouldn't listen during character selection and chose heroes that were squishy or unfit for the brawl. I get that people want to pick whoever they want but if you want the chest then please listen to the people who are just trying to help you get that chest..
I liked, the only change I would make is putting the 2 difficults at same time.

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