Quest Damage Scale?

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Can't find a clear answer to this question: Does Quest damage scale?

For instance, KT's Flamestrike quest. When completed, it increase damage by 200. Ok, but does that damage continue to scale afterwards?

Meaning, at level 15 it will do more damage if I completed it at level 5 rather than level 10. Or will it be the same regardless?

I think it adds a flat amount of damage. Only the ability damage base scales, quests are added onto that after scaling.
I can bet my gems such numbers do not scale. 200 damage from this quest will remain 200 damage whole game.

(im basically sure of that, but who knows, maybe i missed something)
Depends on the skill.
Quests like KT's flamestrike that say they add flat damage add flat damage. This damage never scales. They are designed so that the character receives a power spike when the quest completes, and if the KT's team doesnt do something with that power spike they give up advantage, perhaps an advantage that they needed to win the game. These quests are designed to spike early in power then the curve levels off.

Quests like Tyrande's Lunar Blaze that add %percent damage to a skill will scale with the skill as the character levels up. The power curve for quests like these are smoother and end up higher by the end of a long game.

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