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In a prior topic I asked where I could learn to have better macro skills.

So far, the best answer has been Abathur.

I am learning to play Abathur as a macro monster. I seldom put Symbiote on an ally Hero. I help my team vastly more by maintaining map awareness and placing Symbiote on minions and towers.

I use the L4 talent Ballistospores because it allows maintaining almost as many nests as Prolific Dispersal but at a more relaxed pace.

Here is my organized paraphrase of Abathur tips from C9Fan and Rumovoice

Survival Instincts - increase locust health and duration
Ballistospores - more and longer-lasting toxic nests
Vile Nest - toxic nests cause 40% slow for 2.5 seconds
Ultimate Evolution (note: Monstrosity counters Chromie)
Bombard Strain - locusts become catapults
Locust Brood - activate for 3 extra locusts, every 45 seconds
Locust Nest - place to make second locust spawn point

Pressure - Your main job is to make sure your minions are creating maximal lane pressure
1. Locusts only pressure lanes without opposing heroes, use Deep Tunnel accordingly
2. Put Symbiote on ally minions to help them push
3. Make cooldowns efficient by using Symbiote+Q+E+Q+W+Q then leave Symbiote
4. At L16, walk to drop Locust Brood behind minions, then Deep Tunnel across map

Soaking - As a consequence of maintaining pressure, your get nearly all minion experience
1. In early game only body soak when opponents clump for objectives, safely in farthest lane
2. In late game both teams clump for team fighting, can body soak more safely
3. Minions should never die to your towers unsoaked: use Symbiote on those towers

Scouting - Your allies know no surprises hide at bosses or bushes
1. Place one toxic nest near each boss
2. Place one toxic nest in each bush near where team fights might happen
3. If needed, place one toxic nest at top or bottom lane for Deep Tunnel

Momentum - Your opponents arrive places hurt and slowed, your allies get assistance with objectives and structures
1. Place toxic nests on opponents' side of map in vertical paths along rotation routes
2. Place toxic nests on objectives
3. Place toxic nests to distract fort/keep shots away from allies
4. Use Ultimate Evolution to zone opponents away from objective without a full team fight
5. Use Deep Tunnel to travel to unguarded objectives, including Pirate Coin Camps
6. Use Ultimate Evolution as team fights start or the fight will end before Symbiote available
7. Pick ally for Ultimate Evolution based on position and mobility (often global is best)


Game Start Tips
1. All allies can do a surprise top tower push while you body soak bottom and Symbiote soak middle
2. Place toxic nests in middle lane where opponents circle about
3. Ask allies to destroy walls since this lowers opponents' vision

Map-Specific Tips
1. If opposing team lacks global heroes and Lucio, start the game with a Deep Tunnel to a central watchtower
2. Cursed Hollow curses make it hectic to get minion wave experience
3. Use Deep Tunnel to collect gems dropped by killed allies on Tomb of the Spider Queen
4. At Sky Temple if opponents are visible you can tank half a temple before Deep Tunneling away

How to claim a Bruiser camp at L16 and above
1. Place 2-3 mines under the mage
2. Move your body in the middle of a camp
3. Wait until your passive locust cooldown is 1 sec (almost spawned)
4. Start auto attacks
5. Put locust brood behind the mage
6. Symbiote a locust and burst down the mage while tanking knights with your body
7. When you are low health step behind your locust
8. Repeatedly Symbiote the locust that is attacking the lowest hp knight

Alternate Healing Build for Variety
a. Pick the talents Regenerative Microbes at L1 and Sustained Carapace at L4
b. Symbiote+E then leave Symbiote, repeat every 4 seconds
c. Enjoy giving allied heroes a huge amount of shield and healing!
Excellent guide my friend!

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