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In order to learn anything, one requires feedback. The more feedback one receives, the faster they can learn.

In Heroes, we are given a limited amount of feedback. Winning or losing, damage dealt, number of kills, and XP gained. We also get a little bit of extra feedback from the popup that gives a snippet of how well we did compared to others, or ourselves, at the score screen.

I want to get better at the game, but with such limited feedback, often all I can say is "my team-mates sucked'. That's hardly helpful. And even then, beyond one or two bad plays during a match, or someone soloing, I can't often say WHY or HOW they were bad.

With performance based MMR just around the corner, I feel Heroes really needs to up it's game with giving feedback. You have a wide variety of stats for each hero to determine good play from bad, so please share them with us so that we can benefit from them.

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