We need more Escape from Braxis scenerios

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Honestly I'd be down for this being a whole new game mode if they've developed the technology for it.
For me this was the most creative and fun brawl yet. It was like running a greater rift in Diablo 3, I know others say it's a Starcraft raid, but I have never played SC.

Please keep making more fun brawls like these, for the first time my game was not filled with AI players but real people two days after release.
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Actually DOTA 2 has a co-op campaign and Smite does recently as well too if I'm not mistaken, so this isn't true.

Ah, that's kind of neat. I never kept up on Dota2 and I only play Smite occasionally.

Yeah, unfortunately for DOTA 2 though you could only access it by buying one of their battle passes.
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Honestly I'd be down for this being a whole new game mode if they've developed the technology for it.

I'd honestly be willing to drop a bit of money if it meant getting more. Technology? The assets already exist, they are very skilled at making this sort of gaming content (see the Warcraft RTS games), and the medium already lends itself to the game mode. If you meant designing more maps and scenarios, I agree~
I really hope this becomes its own game mode. It has WAY to much potential to just have it disappear forever after a week. There would need to be additions like difficulty options, but I SERIOUSLY want to see more where this came from!
Make this into a campaign or its own mode.

My Brother and I had a lot of fun trying to beat it with just him and I.
It was way too easy. An unbalanced 5 minute cakewalk.
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It was way too easy. An unbalanced 5 minute cakewalk.

The first is always misbalanced. But Brawl is meant to be a proving ground of sorts for different game ideas. Or at least that's my interpretation. They fill the weeks with things people play more often till a new idea is complete, then try that. A testing area for formulas.

But saying something is way too easy can also be subjective, in random queue I've never had a EfB brawl shorter than 8 minutes. But imagine if they gave us difficulty control in its own game mode, Darth.
Really just more proof we need a custom game lobby and allow us to host brawl maps with some extra switches (difficulty settings, an infinite mode or a mutation mode or something). The current custom game setup for HoTS is laughably bad compared to Warcraft 3.
absolutely amazing brawl.

It would be quite a big project, but if they created a full-blown co-op PVE mode in this game (content that could be a stand-alone title) it would be pretty cool.

Something like an RTS version of destiny would rule.
Its fun but a little boring after the first 2 times you play it. Definitely too easy. Maybe the difficulty should increase each time you play? 1st game is easy, 2 meduim 3 hard. Then maybe an epic difficulty for an epic chest?

I would like to see this or similar co-op missions for this game. Maybe the option to do it with less players?

Maybe its time the community got a "map editor" for custom games and Co-op style creations. Tons of user created material is quite popular in other games.. heck "hero area" from WC3 is hots in a nutshell.
Was OK, but two things I would have changed.

One, have a leaderboard that you can actually look at and compare times to.

Second, I would have liked to be racing another team at the same time.
Please please please make these a new type of map mode!
Stats viewable at end of game with record of stats to view for later and see other players' times and comps.

Larger roster of heroes with possibly themed skins or player choice of skin

Difficulty setting (some enemy heroes just melt, like kerrigan while abathur/murky can be annoying as hell at times.) Maybe even a hardcore mode?

Undead themed map where they come to us and we defend/survive? Kinda liek the sc1 and sc2 survival maps in the campaign.

10 player vs ai. or 8 players vs 2 players + ai or 2v2v2v2v2 in a three legged race vs eachothers synergies?
I'd love to see an ironman version where you progress through levels of increasing difficulty until your team wipes. Would make for some nice competitive gameplay where people could view progress on leaderboards.

Would require more variety for this to work though. New bosses, maps, encounters, etc..

As for character selection, there could be three modes:

One would be just as it is now where you can choose from a ton of characters. In my mind this would be the "fun" option.

Second would be similar to the standard brawl character choice. This option could make things interesting if you get a match where everyone is the same character plus it would add a bit more difficulty because players may be forced to play characters they're unfamiliar with.

Third would allow the player to choose a role and then a random choice would be chosen for the player. The odd team comps would add some difficulty and randomness, otherwise people might just choose characters they're strong with.
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Honestly I'd be down for this being a whole new game mode if they've developed the technology for it.

Technology is already there; they just need to come up with a few and then push them out in the same way we currently do QM.
I agree it needs some tuning, but I did enjoy it. The selection was weird, and I almost wanted extra rewards for faster timed runs. But that's just me I guess :)
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- Quell Stratholm (War3 or WoW) - Dragonshire Tile Set
- The Assault on Blackrock Spire - Dragonshire Tile Set

11/24/2017 08:32 AMPosted by Lighthammer
Escape from Braxis showcases the sorts of scenerios this game *REALLY* needs. It fosters team work, expands knowledge of the game's lore and has a light atmosphere that is fun.

PVP isn't the only thing we should be seeing in a MOBA-ish/Team Brawler and this is a fantastic conduit.

The only pet peeve I have about this is Escape from Braxis IS NOT a Brawl. Classifying as such feels like it hurts.

I'd love to see Blizzard start a new map mode based on this concept and call it something like "Scenarios" where Blizzard takes some of the biggest story points in their games and turns them into these sort of "boss rush" scenarios.

Just to toss out a few other interesting ones Blizzard might be able to consider using current map tile sets.

- Quell Stratholm (War3 or WoW) - Dragonshire Tile Set
- The Assault on Blackrock Spire - Dragonshire Tile Set
- Defeat the Prime Evils (Diablo) - Diablo Tile Set

Here's some good resources to think up other ones:

Warcraft II Campaigns:

Warcraft III Campaigns:

Diablo 2 Quests:

Diablo 3 Quests:

There doesn't seem to be a nice neat list of Campaigns for Starcraft 1 or 2 =(.

Anything you guys would really like to see?


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