SO! QM player do care about there QM rank! they go by Hotlogs..

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12/08/2017 01:03 AMPosted by Evildrake
12/07/2017 07:16 PMPosted by Apc7th
the QM poaple look at there rankings in Hotlogs as there rank instead of playing in HL or TL.

1. Why are people convinced that their precious HL mode is the mode to go if it's about ranking and skill?

2. Is it actually your opinion or are you just repeating what others tell you?

QM should be just as fair as HL. Fun is an important part but the game shouldn't feel like it is bullying one team by matching them against comps/teams which they hardly stand a chance against because the own comp isn't favoring us by not giving the proper tools. The skills in HL don't reflect the skill of the player in QM, vice versa. Sb. who played thousands of games against certain heroes in HL might not know how to handle a rarely encountered Chen, Gaz and Aba comp. A QM player might not know how to properly draft, but be it like this. You make it sound like QM is the mode for people who don't know how to play competetive.

I been trying to explain this so many time. You nailed it.
You are the very type that has ruined HotS. QM isn't practice, it's a FULL GAME that's just quicker to queue, but REAL players still want to win, not have some brat get in the way just to be a jerk. Go to AI or better yet, to ACTUAL PRACTICE and TRAINING, then you can come to play with others as a team, or NOT and then stay OUT OF QM!
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12/07/2017 07:49 PMPosted by Gonchin
If you aren't being paid to play HL, then you are also playing for fun.

To put it short it's very different kind of "fun" between ranked and casual play.

QM is not 'casual'/'losing for fun' matches...period. Players still want to win, so if you don't, don't do QM.
12/07/2017 10:33 PMPosted by Kamiklees
Like it's already been said in this thread people would relax more in QM if their MMR wasn't based so heavy on it, you could go make a mule with the minimum requirement to do league games win those 10 and end up in diamond, but if you do the same on a long standing account where you played hundreds of quick match games, win your placement matches and end up in silver.

maybe if we had performance based matchmaking from the start you wouldn't have so many people who take QM so seriously

It IS serious enough, go to AI if you want to screw around...QM is for ranking too and played to WIN. Don't like it, then DON'T PLAY QM AS YOU RUIN IT FOR THOSE WHO KNOW HOW TO PLAY AND WHAT IT'S FOR. Damn!
You guys may have forgotten or havent been around long enough.

There used to be 2 game modes. QM and Ranked( HL and TL ) There wasnt unranked or brawl. Your pre ranking was soley decided by QM and was the only other game mode outside of ranked.

Your ranked seeding comes from your most played game mode. I assume for the majority of the population its QM because you can play who you want. Asking for it to be just a bit more balanced is justified when your ranked seeding depends on it.

Unless they change that eliminate qm seeding and force players into unranked to get a pre rank mmr before being eligable for ranked the QM balance complaints are valid.
I used to try and play h league for the reward but since I could not get higher than gold 1 I gave up. whats the point? The mount isn't rewarded at that sort of level and there's no bragging rights for it either.
qm does matter people play it and they want to win when they play. that why mm is so annoying to so many people. you get ridiculously unfair, rock ,paper scissors scenarios.
League forces you to pick certain heroes into certain comps when many people just want to pick up and play the hereo they feel like when they log on.

I had an itch to play raynor last night so I played 5 qms as him till I got a win. People don't want to feel punished for wanting to play particular hero I guess.
I mostly just play QM. I don't have a group to play TL with so that's out. HL can be fun but I find it's usually not worth the added stress. Unranked Draft ends up feeling pointless to me since a lot of times people approach it with the same "who cares" attitude of QM but it just ends up taking longer to play a single match.

Part of what I like about QM is not having a number or rank to track and obsess over. Trying to use a service to rank an inherently unranked, non-competitive mode is not something I would want.

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