Nova auto-hearthing

PTR Bug Report
Played a game with Nova on the Nuke map. After hearthing back as usual, the moment I left the hearthstone it would start hearthing automatically again. Wouldn't stop.

After letting it hearth me back, I would sometimes regain normal movement. But I couldn't figure out why it would. Only constant was after I hearthed manually, it would do it all over again.
Update: Tried again on Sky Temple. Same problem.
Update: Tried a different hero, some problem. (Illidan), obviously something with my system. Restarted...

Update: That did nothing. PTR is messed up for me.
I have the same problem with Nova automatically using Ghost protocol the moment it is off cooldown,,
It does that for me on every hero I (try) to play on PTR. Every time I cast a spell after mounting or using hearthstone, right after the spell it casts the last used (either mount or HS). Making the char impossible to play.
I use remapped keys, maybe that has something to do with it, but I'm not willing to try out standard mapping.
Definitely seems like an issue with key mapping - same issue across multiple heroes:

Nova's Ghost Protocol and Rewind (bound to mouse buttons)

Hammer's boost (bound to a mouse button)

Unspecified heroes with talent 1 bound to mouse button

Hitting Esc (which pauses the game in vs. AI with all AI teammates) stops it until you use the talent/mouse button a gain. Not sure if that also works in PvP games since it takes too long for me to find one in PTR.

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