stuck on waiting for another installation or update

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heroes of the storm stuck on waiting for another installation or update when trying to update or scan and repair.
I had this too today with the new patch, 29/7 (Blaze!). I'm on a desktop iMac. I deleted the Blizzard launcher, reinstalled it, tried to update SCII and HoTs and the launcher itself had an update. I kept getting that same message "waiting for another installation or update." I also couldn't quit the launcher, had to Force Quit several times while doing all these steps.

I tried scan and repair. Wouldn't complete the scan and repair.

I shut the launcher down for a while, re-opened the launcher and it updated the launcher (supposedly) and SCII but HoTs just won't complete. So, I deleted then reinstalled HoTS itself.

Now, I keep getting the Error BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 and I tried everything listed and it still won't complete updating. I keep getting the same error and when I try to run scan and repair, I get "Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot." and the above Error again.

4 hours later. Same.
Same here. Can't install Blaze patch. Unending "waiting for another installation or update." message.
Same issue, tried everything. Can someone from Blizz please take a look at this?
Same issue.
Any solutions?

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