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HeyGuys FAT94 here I am a master player looking for some friends.
I play heroes of the storm about 25hrs a day and I really enjoy this game I am just looking for like minded players.

Please no Cranky Pants
Please no Weebs
I know I am cute but please refrain from sending creepy DM's
I am straight Edge but I will not judge
"Only God Can Judge Me That which does not kill me can only make me stronger. I don't see why everybody feel as though that they gotta tell me how to live my life." Tupac Shakur

Bnet FAT94#1157
Hey dude I added you on Bnet we both have similar names can't wait for you to reply!
Hey Fat94! I am a Diamond 1 player looking to make some friends also! (Haha I'm almost master too!) I will add you on battlnetwork and maybe we can play some unranked together! I am never cranky and I hate anime.

Looking forward to being friendship with you!
Panda xx
p.s I have a bf so I won't hit on you lol
!@#$ off lmao
Blizzard forums lul
i added you man
Ò wait . a it`s only abathur. some days is in your party but it`s better than red.
Stay out of my games fatty

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