Hero Concept: General Horace Warfield

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General Horace Warfield
Commander-in-chief of the Dominion Armed Forces

Throughout his illustrious tenure as a general of the Terran Dominion Forces, Horace Warfield has perfected the strategies needed to overcome any challenge and inspire his allies to victory. Here in the Nexus, each arena is just another battlefield for him conquer and fly the flag of the Dominion.

Support/Specialist Multi Class Hero (which depends on tier 1 “R” talent choice). Health and attack stats are similar to Morales. “Q, W and R” are always global, however “Q” does not need vision since it grants vision.

Trait (D): Galvanize – Allied minions in the vicinity of Warfield have their Attack speed and Movement speed increased by 15% and any CC effects are also reduced by 50%. Allied minions affected can also be given orders with (D) to focus their attacks on a specific target. When friendly minions under this effect die, Warfield’s basic ability cool downs are reduced by .5 sec. Heroes reduce it by 5 sec.

(Q): Orbital Scan – Target area of map and have it revealed. Any stealth units in that area or passing through while it’s active will be revealed and shown on map. Lasts for 10 seconds with a 30 second cool down.

(W): Artillery Strike – Target selected area to call in a barrage of 5 artillery strikes. Ability is channeled up to 3 seconds in order for the strike to be zeroed in. During this time, the radius from the point selected will shrink from full screen until it has been zeroed in as much as possible (slightly bigger than Jaina's Blizzard). After channel and a 1 second delay, 5 rounds of artillery will randomly land within that zone over 2 seconds with low splash damage. If the ability is cast again before the 3 seconds are up, the rounds will fall within that larger zone. Moving will cancel the artillery strike and cool down is reduced by 50%. Aim carefully, artillery will damage both friend and foe if hit. Cool down is 20 seconds.

(E): Defensive Matrix: Warfield throws out a defensive matrix emitter which creates safety bubble that lasts 2 seconds. Matrix can only be deployed on ground at target location. Matrix blocks all incoming non-melee damage until it decays. 15 second cool down.

(R) Is available at level one.

(R1) Call in Reinforcements: Target selected area for 3 orbital drop pods to land with ranged minions inside. Minions will move to closest lane if dropped outside of lane but will attack any threat they first see (aggroed camps or enemy hero). Cool down is 15 seconds. Quest Talent: After killing 50 enemy minions gain an addition drop pod but increase cool down to 20 sec. After killing 100 enemy minions gain a 5th drop pod but increase cool down to 25 sec. After killing 150 enemy minions return cool down to 15 seconds. Each additional 25 minions after this reduce it by 1 sec up to 5 sec but additional seconds will be lost on death. Additional minions do not grant XP for enemy team.

(R2) Call in Medivac: Call in a Medivac to hover over selected area or to follow selected hero. Recasting ability will give new move or follow orders. Any allies near the Medivac will be healed one at a time, over time for 200 (+4% per level) a second, prioritizing lowest health and Heroes over minions. Lasts for 8 seconds or until shot down. Cool down is 20 seconds. Quest Talent: After healing for 15000 HP, ability will last for 12 seconds. After Healing for 30000 HP, ability will last for 15 seconds. After healing for 50000 HP, Medivac will arrive cloaked. Medivac does not grant XP for enemy team.
The only problem is that Morales literally already has a Medivac for her ult, so giving Warfield the same exact transport vehicle for his ult would be way too repetitive. Maybe instead he gets like, a Hercules that he can use his trait to order minions and other non-boss allies to go into and transport them to a certain location on the map. It’s a slower moving vehicle but it has a pretty high pay off if you could get a minion wave and some siege giants into an enemy fort. And also it could passively extend the effects of his trait to mercs.

Other than that tho, I do like the idea of having Hero that orders around troops like a mini rts. Clever idea ;)
Thanks for the feedback. I should have been more clear that the this Medivac doesn't transport troops/heroes around it just stays in an area and heals. This is where he'll get his support status from, where as the reinforcements give him the specialist status.
I really like the concept of the heroe, looks pretty cool
Talent Tier 4:

(Q) See you again soon!: Orbital scan now has a second charge and cool down is reduced to 25 seconds however duration of scan now only last for 8 seconds.

(W) Bombardment: Quest talent: Hit Heroes with artillery rounds. Reward: after hitting enemy heroes 20 times, an additional 2 rounds will be shot.

(E) Hate to Burst my Bubble: Damage absorbed by Defense Matrix is released upon expiration causing nearby enemies to be stunned. Duration is proportionate to damage absorbed up to 2 seconds. Every 100 damage stuns for .1 sec. Distance is equal to radius of bubble.

(G) Fallen Hero: If Warfield dies, any units receiving the Galvanize buff will have its effects increased to 50% for 5 seconds after his death.

Talent Tier 7:

(W) Irradiated Shells: Reduced the initial damage of the shells except now when shells explode, any enemy hit will be infected with radiation sickness dealing 20% of targets health over 5 seconds. Any healing received will remove this effect. Cannot affect structures and does not stack if hit with multiple shells.

(W) Bunker Busters: Explosion radius of shells is reduced by 50% however damage to enemy structures is increase by 100%.

(W) Flash Rounds: Artillery rounds explode with a flash. Flash radius is double that of the explosive damage radius and blinds targets affected for 1.5 sec

Talent Tier 10:
Player can choose the other talent not chosen at level 1 however only the first quest talent is available. Or they can choose an upgrade for the talent chosen at level one.

(R1) Field Commander: Additional drop pod added with special Field Commander unit inside. Field Commander has same area of effect buff that Warfield has. Field Commander has 1000 HP and is a ranged attacker that deals double that or ranged minion.

(R2) Emergency Triage: Medivac will now heal 2 units at once for 5 seconds longer on top of quest upgrades but cool down is increased to 30 seconds. If Medivac is shot down a health globe is dropped.
Talent Tier 13:

(E) Barrier: Defense Matrix now prohibits enemy units from passing through barrier.

(Q) All Eye’s on You: Orbital scanner can now be cast on an enemy hero and will follow them revealing them and the area around them.

(Q) Residual Heat Signatures: For 5 seconds after vision granted ends, last visible area will have fog of war return but markers will indicate location of enemy heroes (similar to sensor towers in SC2). This will now allow abilities that need vision to be cast. Enemies in bushes will still display marker.

(Passive Talent) I want you: Damage to defending mercenaries near Warfield is increased by 20%. Mercenaries who are captured under this affect will be able to receive the effects of Galvanize from Warfield or his Field Commander.

Talent Tier 17:

(E) Kinetic Dampener: Matrix size is increased by 20% and all melee attack damage received while inside barrier is reduced by 20%.

(W)Zeroed In: Channeling time for Artillery Strike is reduced by 1 second and can be focused to a smaller area (same size of Zagara's drop).

(Q) Laser Guided: Any hero that spends the whole duration inside of the revealed zone will have 3 laser guided artillery rounds dropped in their position. These rounds cannot be dodged my any movement buffs or abilities. Rounds are divided amongst all heroes in area. (Ex 3 heroes in area for duration, each gets one round)

Talent Tier 20:

(R) Talent chosen at level 20 has to be an upgrade of one chosen at level 10. If talent chosen at level 10 was different than that at level one, the upgrades are the ones offered at level 10. If the upgraded talent was chosen at level 10, a 2nd upgrade is available.

(R1)Mechanized Drop: All ranged minion drop pods are now replaced with 2 catapult units. Field Commander will still drop. If all quest tiers were completed an additional catapult will drop.

(R2) Be Sure to Take your Meds: Cool down is reduced to 25 seconds. If all quests were completed, and Medivac gets shot down, another will take its place for remaining duration after 1 sec. On departure, 2 health globes will be dropped. (If quests weren't completed, 2 globes will be dropped when Medivac is shot down)

(G) Team Leader: Effects of Galvanize are now applied to ally Heroes and mercenaries as well. Minions receive and additional 10%.

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