Disconnected from Blizzard services

Bug Report

Since the last patch, I am randomly getting a screen that states 'You have been disconnected from Blizzard services' after launching the game from the Battle.Net launcher. After clicking ok I am taken to the login screen. Relaunching the game from the launcher typically resolves the issue, but I thought you guys would like to know. Prior to this last patch, I'd never seen this error before, and I've been playing the game since alpha.

Kind regards.
I am reporting the exact same bug and I have only had it start lately. NOTHING to read about this in the forums and I can't figure out a way to contact you guys at all. I am very discouraged with this. The only difference is that it WON'T start working when I just restart the launcher. It wont' start working until like an hour or two has gone by. Very discouraging and has been going on since the recent patch.

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