Undyne Skin For Cassia

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Hi all,

I was just ganking some kids with good old Valeera and I realized her Halloween vampire skin reminded me of Undyne, everyone's favorite fish-monster from just about the most popular indie RPG game ever made.

I would absolutely love to see a skin for Cassia in the theme of Undyne, the Spear of Justice. They've done other such tribute skins without calling them such by name (IE: NotWonderWoman Cassia and NotWolverine Kharizm). All of Cassia's abilities line up with basically when Undyne does - from throwing spears that explode into more spears to her Blind being represented by patches of blue energy on the ground (with spears shooting up for even greater effect)

Tell me you can't see it and you'll break my heart.

This is a good idea to get a skin based on Undertale characters. I love your idea. Hope they do it.
If they do that, I'd make Cassia one of my mains.

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