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I found this image while wasting my time:

Is a screenshot of early development of HotS or in that moment Blizz Dota, surely a lot of you already see it before, but I want to share something I found interesting, look at Arthas model, like a lot of the heroes in that stage of development is a lot different of what we have, but I think in the case of Arthas IMO is better in proportions than the one we have, maybe devs should take that old model in consideration if they plan to rework our beloved fallen prince.

Idk, what you think? .D
There are (or was) constant post / request for some kind of model update for Arthas. Guy looks good in-game but wonky at the score screen... I too like the way that model looks in that screenshot.

Who knows.... fingers crossed for blizzcon 18'
I agree, hots has its own models, but i think there are to many Arthas better ones around there, like in HS for example, here he seems to be like some kind of dwarf on steroids, I really like him, but the face of Blizzard can look cooler.
shame on blizzard for not noticing that arthas needs a remodel when he is the most iconic character blizzard ever made. and about what he should look like is exactly this!

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