sgt hammer op?

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Saw her in so many HGC matches lately. She always has been pickable in a way but from what I saw she went from pickable to frequent.
Why did you open this thread? To read answers like, yes she is OP and no she isn't OP.

Then what?
It's complicated... Unless you have very specific tools to deal with her, it can be infuriating. Even then, it requires a level of coordination and head-fakes that can be difficult to achieve in any rank.

Her level 4 talents are pretty busted though.
01/13/2018 02:20 PMPosted by Karabars
As I know she's not op.

Hidden OP - unpopular opinion
Sgt hammer dominates lower ranks because people don't know how to counter her but shes essentially useless at higher ranks.
Communicate and hard engage. Everyone likes focusing the tank, so I don't get why they're so scared of her. :)
Sgt.Hammer op...... Please, she wasnt op BEFORE blizz decided to neuter her with the massive nerf to bfg and its upgrade.
Hammer main so likely biased, but she isn't OP.

Atleast not now, before she was. but with changes like blunt force gun not damaging buildings and the removal of damage increase with range she has been balanced out.

The problem is quick match.

think of hammer like a rocket launcher in an FPS you can do a lot of damage really quickly but you can't really fight against anything that targets you down.

Hammer is easily countered by the following heroes starting with supports..

brightwing: can polymorph which instant forces out of siege mode. Winds is really good for pushing all heroes out of location, and when it comes to hammer do not be affraid to pick it just to push the hammer out of siege range.

stukov: can do that on ground DoT which shuts down her abilities and forces movement

Morales: displacement grenade can easily force a ranged hammer out of the fight requiring them to redeploy.

Tyrande: her hole kit can take out hammer, seriously she hard counters.

Decard: both his ults are pretty useful for forcing a hammer out of the fight, the lorenado is better for it though.

Ok just typing out the supports took to long, but anyone with a skill shot can easily deal with hammer. The problem is you need to focus the hammer and take them out first. You do that you knock out that teams main damage.
Having your whole team rush her inst a counter. Its hero stacking and it works on everyone. The fact that her default lvl 1 siege range is better than the cannon towers is a problem. This makes getting siege damage too easy and boring because you don't have to push with your team or minions. She is lazy design (Much like sylvanas' mind control) and needs her ranger nerfed, damage nerfed, but abilities buffed. (Looking at spider mines)
08/10/2018 02:31 PMPosted by Unknown
All I am seeing is that you don't 1v1 her and to silence/stun her. I hate seeing her in a match. She takes very little skill, all you have to do is know your positioning, and is a low risk high reward hero.

As Hammer in the recent past, you would have to watch out for ganks, now she can solo lane by herself and easily get herself out of trouble with the one of the most insane ranges in the game.

I hope she gets the Chromie treatment.

She takes more skill then most people thing.. having to root yourself to do your job well is no easy task.

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