hero idea: Sombra the Talon hacker

Hero and Skin Suggestions
I've got another hero idea from overwatch. Since they killed Widowmaker from being in the game, i decided to make an idea for another hero. Sombra. Ranged assassin.

Q: Hack:
Sombra hacks an oppenent. Silences them and they won't be able to use any abilities for the duration (doesn't disables passive abilities)

W: Thermoptic camo:
Sombra becomes invisible and gains speed boost for the duration. Attacking,taking damage and using abilities will expire this invisibility earlier.

E: Translocator:
Sombra places a translocator for a duration. (Only one translocator can be actived in time) reactiving the ability will teleport Sombra to the translocator with no delay. Even if she is in a fight.

Trait: Opportunist:
Any enemy heroes with less than 50% health will be seen by Sombra. Even if they are invisible or hiding in a bush. (Detected enemies are only visible to Sombra. Her teammates are not able to use this.)

Ult 1: EMP:
Sombra uses an EMP that disables enemies' armors and shield and applies a hack on all enemies in the EMP radious.

Ult 2: ????

Thats my ideas. If you have any idea for Ult 2 and talents, comment below. Thanks.

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