Yet another garbage QM game, thank you blizzard

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Our Team:
Blaze was 0-10
Artanis 1-8
Illitan 1-12
Zagara (me) 3-4 w/ Highest hero, siege, xp, and assists
Raynor 4-3

How and why am I Matched up constantly with these garbage players. If you try to give them any feedback at all. Suggest how to play different to change the outcome (loss) they are just toxic pieces of garbage like most players who constantly lose games are.

This is a non-stop problem that has yet to be addressed in over 3+ years of this thing being live. I assume it's ME being the stupid one to think you'd even consider to fix it and to continue playing even though we all know and agree it's garbage?

If I look at my match history, I have 17 wins in a row then 7 losses in a row and they are all terrible games. Those threads going around about how MMR is designed to match you not against equal skilled players but in ways to generate revenue seem to be more true than any of us want to admit.
How are bad matches supposed to generate revenue. That makes no sense. Happy customers mean more money. People raging over matches probably aren't in a mood to buy more skins/boxes/heroes whatever.

Also it would help if you said what the other team comp was, for all we know you just got completely countered.
Isn't matchmaking supposed to make it so you win 50% of the games? You won 17 and lost 7, so it's still broken. It needs to be fixed so you are matched with more horrible players so it's 17-17.

Not really seeing how this is revenue-based when making players give up on the game loses them money.

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