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Artanis for blind or Raynor for stuns.
Varian or Cassia imho
01/17/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Werbs
All these suggestions, and I have yet to see Li-ming with disintegration ray as a suggestion..... I wonder why that is.

Ming is actually not a bad pick.

Ideally the situation goes like this.

Someone dives your team. Polybomb and Twilight Dream them, then focus fire and get a kill. Ming snowballs the game.

Of course this requires people to actually know how to play their Heroes, and I find that's unreliable in HL.

They are melee heavy and depend on grouping, and your team needs a big damage generator, preferably AoE.

There's some vulnerability in the pick, but if played properly it should be fine.

Jaina isn't a horrible pick, Gul'dan could work, and both Chromie and Lunara with vines are possibilities.

Alternatively, you could go for an attack speed slow, but I don't know which hero you'd go for that also fits the damage profile you need.

At the end of the day though, I think a Kael Flamestrike build fits the team best and gives you the best chances of a win. I'd also heavily favor your team vs theirs if Kael was the pick. They just don't have the tools when it all plays out, so their win condition is your team playing improperly, which is passive, not active. Whereas your own team has many active win conditions.
Artanis IMO
Falstad or dehaka
since you got a medivh on the team,

varian , butcher or Artanis
I dont know if enough people know how strong dva is right now. Im honestly surprised i got downvoted for suggesting dva
As others have already pointed out, the opponents' draft is screaming "pick blinds". So far this draft lacks waveclear and damage, and Anub is the worst possible tank against enemy comp. Artanis might be okay, but he won't have blind until 10. Medivh will have to be on point with the shields vs the etc/kerrigan stun combo. Johanna would bring the blinds and waveclear, but still no damage. She might be enough to win the early game vs an Aba comp, but post 10 I think the lack of damage will be a problem. I actually think Cassia is the pick and take the "blind on stun" talent. Gives the blinds, needed damage, the waveclear, and should be fairly tanky due to all AA on enemy team. Li Li might also work, take water dragon, out-sustain them in the early game, make sure Greymane is blinded. Lack of waveclear still a problem with her though. Stitches-Medivh combo not good here because no burst damage and high-mobility heroes on the other team. I don't hate the Dva suggestion, but more weak sustained damage is not what this team needs.
01/18/2018 08:54 AMPosted by bigred
Falstad or dehaka

Not sure why people don't think of Falstad any more, he would be good here. He has a good kit in these team comps - ranged DD, burst+sustained damage, mobility to dodge dives, Gust for counterengage and Mosh cancel, and the global to counter Abathur.
01/17/2018 04:21 PMPosted by WomboCombo
01/17/2018 03:13 PMPosted by phaseshifter

Butcher would get negated. You would be peeled to hell whenever you dive. And if Aba clones Kerrigan, you're not going anywhere fast except the tomb.

I'm a really good Butcher. Also we have a Medivh.

Thge shield stops damage, but not CC.

You have to go through, powerslide, face melt, and Kerrigan combo, before dying to GM with a hat. Or double kerrigan (Or double GM)

Doesn't seem feasible.
I played a game today as with an Illidan, Chromie, Stukov and Arthas.

against Hanzo, Butcher, Muradin, and Tyrael. In two separate instances immediately following each other, both our Stukov and Chromie were caught by Butcher and his entire team in a charge-->stormbolt combo, WHILE our Arthas was piloting the Triglav, and I was able to defense matrix the entire engagement and both Stukov and Chromie survived with NO other help besides Defense Matrix and me boosting between them and the enemy team after it ended. That was thousands and thousands of damage mitigated by Defense Matrix for them to survive engagements like that.'s hitbox is so fat I even saved Chromie while silenced from Slaughterhouse by bodyblocking Butcher while chained, and boosting their team away as it ended.

Immediately following this all of them died and we won the game. 100% winrate with in unranked right now (c; I think I've even firstpicked her like 90% of the time) and 60% overall this season including QM. I'm only just getting her figured out too so I expect that winrate to continue climbing. She's one of my new favorite heroes out of nowhere
Junkrat fits perfectly. They have a heavy dive comp. Junkrat has tons of disengage and disruption, along with pretty high damage burst damage against clusters of enemies. His range is long enough so it's very hard to focus him., TLV, or a mage like Kel'thuzad or Kael'thas would also be good picks.
Honestly I could see Blaze working as well, they cluster a lot so Pyromania and his AoEs get a lot of value, Stun would get a lot of value, and bunker is great against dive. And combust is good against clumps. So. I would take Blaze as well.
lol so much melee they lose
I think Hanzo is the pick here. He does ridiculous amount of damage right now, and is quite good at stalling out the tributes on cursed hollow if need be. He is great at quickly disposing of the bosses, can get a mosh int at 10, between him medivh and malf that shouldnt be a major issue to get interrupted every time. If they attempt to dive him he can get out safely with his trait, and if it comes down to it, post 20 he can have a global presence.
I really think the team needs a ranged dps with consistent cc and decent self preservation. A bit of wave clear as well if possible.

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