should there be skins not from blizzard games?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
It is cool that they are making skins from games which the hero is not from (for example widowmaker nova. An overwatch skin for a starcraft hero) the thing i am saying is it would be cool if they bring crossover skins from games from the world. For example dota 2,vainglory,Undertale and etc..... if you have any idea, comment please. Thanks.
So far there are a few skins like that, in a way.
They just do careful color palette choices in skins with the right shape, and bam! you got a reference skin.

For example, Lt. Morales has a "Samus" skin and a "Megaman" skin, TLV have a skin where Olaf's shield looks like Captain America's, there's a ton of Neon Genesis Evangelion reference skins.
And then there's Kharazim's "Wolverine" skin, which takes it a bit further becuase the skin's model is actualy made for that reference (or it appears that way, at least).

IMO, it's best if they keep it that way, rather that trying to actualy bring someone else's IP into the game.

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