Hey, remember Diablo 2?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
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Posting just to have the 300th post :)

But I full agree. Do a D2 event. New level and a new hero. And don't say Deckard counts because he doesn't. He's a good fit but not D2 specific.
Yea hots needs 5 evils minimum.
I'm guessing with the next hero release, Blizzard will still not remember Diablo 2.
Mephisto please!
Next hero appears to be a C-List WarCraft hero Urin. Yurin? something like that.

Now WarCraft fans will have it all! Every race represented in the game! (yet still be unhappy until Deathwing gets in)

And Diablo sits here, without even 1 brother in the game.
They STILL don't remember Diablo 2.

2nd C-List Warcraft hero in a row.
To be fair, we could probably use some more Diablo love. Deckard was a really great addition, that's a good start. Let's get some more!
They remembered, my god that took a long time. Lets not have a multi year gap again please.
02/14/2018 07:16 AMPosted by Zeox
wouldn't be cool if you did something for the Diablo 2 fans, like, dunno, releasing an hero from that game? one of the evils, like Baal or Mephisto, Andariel or Duriel, or any other character?
Don't worry Blizzard, if you forget, I will remind you, over and over, you can release heroes from other games and for other fans, that's fine, no complains, everybody deserves their fav. heroes, but you shouldn't forget fans from classic Diablo, alright?
It's best to leave the past in the past.

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