Leaver status doesn't allow me to play

PTR Bug Report
From last time PTR was bugged I got disconnected from the game several times (with other in the group) and got a leaver status. I still need to play 1 game through it. Today I was trying to find a game to test redesigned heroes, and wasn't able to find any quickmatches or brawls after spending in queue around 30 min.

Maybe this undeserved leaver status need to be taken off?
Hey there!

In light of the issues we ran into with the last PTR, causing a bunch of accidental 'leaver status' applications, we made some adjustments to THIS PTR.

While displayed as such, I can guarantee you that your leaver status is NOT affecting your queue times. This should allow those hit erroneously by last runs shenanigans, to more quickly clear their status. This will have no impact on live leaver status, only on the PTR for this week.

However do keep in mind that the display for your status is still there. We apologize for the confusion that may cause.

Best of luck!
I still have a leaver status on the PTR due to the bug in February. No matter what character I choose I cannot join a quick match game. My queue times are far beyond 10 min. Is there any chance I can have my leaver status resetted, or will I never be able to use the PTR anymore?
I am kind of sad, because I actually never left a game ever. Not on PTR nor on live servers. It was just a bug, not letting me joining the game.

Thank you
Can you maybe just disable leaver status on PTR`?
I posted this on my own thread but I'm going to post this again because I really want it to be heard by any devs out there. I was affected by this bug back in early Feb, and honestly just kind of didnt care at all until now, because I rarely played PTR. Now, I'm getting into PTR and have the complete inability to do ANY QM or AI with other players. Please help devs, leaver status is unnecessary on PTR and getting it from a bug in Feb, still having it now is not fair.

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