If Blizzard wants to bring back more players, here's how:

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04/17/2018 02:56 AMPosted by FrozenFruit
All the draft mode (unrank, HL, TL) fill the request regardless the hero choose. Most of the quest is just "play 2 or 3 draft mode" for me. For some example: I can finish both "play 3 support" and "play 3 worrier" at the same time just playing 3 unrank game. I could finish the "play 2 OW hero" just playing 2 HL without picking the OW heros.

Blizzard should info this on the daily quest. I have gave the same answer last month and I will give same answer to other player in the future.

I am shocked, and happily surprised :)

I played like 2 years ago and just came back last month. Trying slowly to build a new HL-roster again, by playing new meta heroes in QM for learning. So i didn't discover this feature yet. It is a good one.

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