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Honestly I wish skin releases were more diverse on their own but seeing how they're adding a new Li-ming skin to the 30+ pool of Li-ming skins next patch I guess I'll ask for it here. Can we get any kind of skin for Lost Vikings? It's been forever since they got released and they got literally nothing after their release. Any theme will do honestly.
Here's a list of my ideas:
- Lost Navy Sailors (opportunity for a cool ship!)
- Lost Ironclad engineers (From Overwatch, see Torbjorn and Brigitte)
- Lost Pirates (opportunity for a pirate ship!)
- Lost Mechs (Since it's the most common theme in Heroes of the Storm)
- Lost Spirits (Ghostly, fun for halloween!)
- Lost Dryads (switching a bit from regular themes)

Because so far they've got literally nothing in over 3 years whereas it seems like Li-ming gets at least a new recolor every 3rd update. Even during the 2.0 update all skins were judged to be of the Rare quality. So seeing Li-ming, who already has 5 different skins (not counting recolors here) that are above Rare quality, getting another skin is really annoying me, even if it is just a recolor. Does anybody have any other fun skin ideas for the Lost Vikings?
I still want Super Sentai/Power Rangers style Vikings, with a giant mech instead of the longboat.
That would make a great legendary skin! I had another idea too: Lost Commando. They'd all have army clothing but in different styles, like Eric either only wearing a tank-top and trunks and a headband, or wearing a ghillie suit. Baelog wearing full gear and throwing commando knives. Olaf with a helmet that's a size too big for him and having painted on the rest of his camouflage since his shirt doesn't quite fit. The ults could be a helicopter replacing the boat with their tune playing with trumpets (like a charging tune) and the obelisk could be a mobile command center so they can "call in reinforcements". Extra colors would be easy for this one too. You got your regular green camo, desert camo and grey/blue camo.

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