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Starting today, we’re implementing new technology that enhances our ability to validate the accuracy of reports. This will allow us to increase the rate that we issue account silences and ranked suspensions to players who are frequently and consistently reported for using offensive language. These actions are aimed at those who regularly use offensive language to harass, antagonize, and abuse one or more of their teammates. This type of behavior not only ruins the experience for those who are targeted, but also damages team morale, effectively degrading the fun for everyone in a match.

We will continue to issue weekly suspension and ban waves for non-participation and intentionally dying. You can check that forum thread regularly to keep up with our latest round of account actions. Additionally, if you’ve recently reported another player for going AFK, refusing to participate, or intentionally dying, be sure to keep an eye on the email inbox associated with your account for any updates regarding actions we’ve taken against that player as a result of your report.

We’d like to thank those of you who use the relevant in-game reporting options when you spot negative behavior in your matches and encourage you to continue doing so. Your actions have the largest positive impact on the health of the community.
Awesome! Thanks for continuing to work on cleaning up the community!
Will you extend the notifications of action taken against reports to all reports in the near future? That's the reason so many people don't bother - it feels like screaming into the void for all the good it does.

It's great if you can act on the reports, but positive feedback makes it feel a lot less useless to bother reporting. Even just a "hey, actions were taken due to a report you made" popup in-game would do wonders to increase the appearance of legitimacy in the reporting system (and also cut down on the "report me, I won't get banned, it doesn't do anything" attitude serial offenders have).
Awesome, thank you for this! This question is probably outside the purview of this post, but will this new system be able to tell when someone abuses the reporting features? For instance, someone doesn't agree with a pick in draft and decides to falsely report the other person for abusive chat. I know it's not as common, but it is still negative behaviour that needs to be addressed, in my opinion.
Thank you for your hard work!

Will this system work for non-english speaking offenders?
Thanks for the update Nate!
Thanks alot for this¡ love u guys
There is still hope... Kappa
Awesome. Silenced people deserve much harsher punishments
Highly Rated
What's offensive language mean? Curse words?

What if I ask someone to stop feeding? Is that offensive? I'm not cursing at them or insulting them.

Too much ambiguity here, needs further clarification.
By improvement you mean you now check if the reported dude actually said something at all?
04/17/2018 11:13 AMPosted by Steinarr
Awesome. Silenced people deserve much harsher punishments

Like lynching? Or death camps? #bullyhunters
Awesome. So glad you’re swooping in, to save people who are offended, by harsh language.

Yet, feeders and afkers are more prevalent than ever, in pretty much every game mode, and league.

Well done, blizz, on your crusade to save the world from foul language.
Just to be clear is the system still automatic ? like abuse-able ? if yes this will cause more false reports than before
So in other words, now the kids will just use spaces to be more creative in their cussing.
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And the most important question now is...

What is the punishment for people that are false-reporting others ?

Because if no action is taken (like till now) then this system is worth nothing.
Just yesterday I was playing as Nova and 2 guys were spam-pinging me whole game and were writing in chat to report me couple of times. Every action I took wasn't good enough for them, even though at the end they had ALL stats lower then me (even exp soaked). I'm not the best Nova player but I tried to help as much as I could, joined team fights, tried to rotate/threaten as much as possible, etc. When I asked which report they use, they said "intentionally dying" which was never the case. I can't be sure if they did report me but they were salty af so I assume they did.
So that's why I would like to know how Blizzard will address such behavior because imo it is way worse then a guy that will call me an idiot 1 time when he gets tilted.

P.S. Oh and of course I was the only one on voice chat ready to talk and coordinate with my team...
Nice! Thanks.

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