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I'm a big fan of playing as Zenyatta on Overwatch, but I would love to start pelting people on HotS with his orbs, and its not hard to imagine what kind of abilities he would have either aside from a 2nd heroic ability, talent, and potential 3rd basic ability, I say potential because it could be like his charged multi-orb attack

Seriously though, aside from the abilities we know he has, what abilities would you think he would come with to fill out the rest of his kit?
I will work on an idea for you :3
Zenyatta for epicani

Zenyatta would be a great choice,for I shall write the abilities for you.
First I just want to point out I think Cultist and Nutcracker would be great skins for him.

Trait:Shei-Oh wait Fenix...
Trait:Alternate Fire:Zenyatta has the choice to hold down his trait button (As in holding D). "If the player controlling Zenyatta holds down their attack button Zenyatta will start charging his orbs.These orbs will hold up to five orbs,and cost 5 mana for every ball that gets added. When the final orb gets added,their will be 3 seconds until they will return.When they return,they grant back the mana that they consumed.Note that when you reach the final orb the trait will show how long you have left until they return."(This is for the person to say when they release the Zen Boi spotlight).The basic attack also fires like A tower.

Ability1:Harscord Orb(See what I did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ):A straight line skill shot,around 7 tiles. (5 mana per-second.
"Harscord Orb is a straight-line skillshot that when it hits an enemy hero,increases their damage taken by 50% and if it hits an ally,they are healed for 3% of their health every second (increasing by 1% every level).This skill has an incredible range.If the Enemy or Ally leaves the designated range (shown by a circle around Zenyatta) the Affects of the current Harscord Orb wears out."
This part is optiannal for the spotlight."The "Master's Balance" talent allows Discord orb to bounce off to the nearest hero,placing an orb on them." "The "Discord Orb" talent takes the healing down by 1% but deals 1% of the affected enemies health down every second and slowing them by 15%".With Master's Balance the orb only leaves the player that leaves range of Zenny,not both of them.

Ability2:Meditation:Zenyatta is placed in stasis for 2 seconds and heals for 10% of his max health ovr the duration.
"Zenyatta's second ability,Meditation causes him to be place in stasis for 2 seconds while healing for 10% of his max health over the duration."Another optional part."The Meditative Therapy talent causes Meditation to heal all allies for the amount Zenyatta is healing.

Haha,April fools was long ago.
Ability3:Omnic Charge:Stand still and channel indefinetly,while Omnic Charge is active Zenyatta regenerates 10 Mana per-second.if Zenyatta takes damage during this time,it is cancelled.Omnic Charge Adds 10 Mana a second with your natural mana regen,not taking away the passive and changing it to 10.
"Zenyatta's final basic ability,Omnic Charge makes Zenyatta stand still and add 10 Mana per second with his natural regeneration.This can be charged indefenitly,but if Zenyatta takes damage while channeling Omnic Charge It is put on a 10 second cooldown and is cancelled."

Now time for Heroics(R). Transcendance cannot be done because of Malfurion's Tranquility. The only diffrence is that Tranquility gives 10 armour and heals less. Edit-And Transcendance grants invincibility.

R1:Ying and Yang:Channel for 2 seconds (not interuppted by damage) and then when complete,slam the Ying ball and the Yang ball together to damage enemies and root them while healing allies by 30% of their max health and give a damage boost (50-100%).This does not pass through walls and reveals Zenyatta while channeling with a Ying & Yang symbol Circling above him.
"Zenyatta's first heroic ability is Ying and Yang.Zenyatta will channel a Ying ball and a Yang ball for 2 seconds.After this,Zenyatta will slam them together causing it to heal allies and give them a damage boost,and reveal,slow and damage enemies.The shockwave of their force together cannot suprass impassable terrain (As is Thrall Slam or Tassadar Force Wall). The range is large and it goes 360' degrees around Zenyatta."

R2:"I Dreamt I was a Butterfly":After 3 second,a swarm of butterflies encase Zenyatta, transforming him.In Butterfly-Form Harscord Orb is replaced With "Butterflifal Madness" which is a a strait line skill shot that blinds enemies and roots them,while giving 30% movement speed to allies that are hit.This goes pass enemies an indefinet amount,and only hits heroes.Cannot Use Active Abilities while in Butterfly-Form.W (Meditate) is now called Crysalis.Go in a Crysalis for 2 seconds,gaining 50 armour and healing 200(+10% per-Lv) health per second.E is now Butterfly-Chain which hooks an enemy and pulls it toward you. Only hits heroes.
"Zenyatta's second heroi-" You know what Blizz? You can write this one.
Talents...Oh bruddah

Level 1:Reuinion-!:Passive-While Omnic Charge(OC) is active,You can tap W again to have the skill cursor (As in Tyrael Judgement Charge) And then you tap an ally while channeling Omnic Charge to start charging them instead of you.Cannot charge heroes that do not use Mana (As in Cho'Gall). Quest:Recharge 50 Mana in total to ally heroes (1 stack).Reward 1 (1 Stack per addition):Add 2 Mana per second on Omnic Charge,up to 30.Reward2 (5):Give 15% Movement speed to ally regenerating mana for 3 seconds (refills when OC is back on them)

Lv1:Emergancy Generator:Omnic Charge is now an active ability with a 7 second cooldown. Using it adds 70 mana and a 20% movement speed bonus.

Lv1:Cyclone Kick:Active Ability with a 12 second cooldown.In a 120' Degree angle in a 1 tile range and after 0.2 seconds kick from left to right and knock back enemies in range 2 tiles back and stun them forn 0.1 after they land.This deals slight damage.(This was made to escape Diablos and Dehakas)

Lv4:Masters Balance:Explained in Harscord Section.

Lv4:Meditative Therapy:Healing to Zenyatta in Meditation is also healing aliies the same amount.(Numbers Wise,not %) Explained in Meditation Section.

Lv4:Embrace the Iris: While using meditation,Enemy minions die instantly when 1 tile close to Zenyatta.

Lv7:Mechanical Sustain(MS)-!:Collecting Regen Globes grants 1 stack of MS.every stack of MS grants 1 armour + 5 Health Regen.Regen Stacks indefinetly,while armour stops at 20.

Lv7:"Just Nuts and Bolts":Active-Activate to remove 10% of Zenyatta's maximum health as damage but refresh the basic ability cooldowns of an ally hero.

Lv7:Tempting Strike-!:If an enemy target hits Zenyatta,They are slowed by 20%.Quest-Taking a hit over 200 Damage rewards a stack.Reward (20)-Enemy Attacks deal 50% of their damage dealt back to them.

Lv10:Ying and Yang:Heroic 1

Lv10:"I Dream't I was a Butterfly:Heroic 2

Lv13:Discord Orb:Explained in Harscord Orb Section

Lv13:"Life is more than 1s and 0s":Passively,all ally heroes near Zenyatta Gain 20% increased damage and double the health regeneration.If an ally is near Zenyatta,He also gains the bonuses.

Lv16:Judo:Active Talent with 2 second cooldown.Activate again to go out of Judo.Desighn Change,No longer floats.Gain 20 Physical Armour and 10% Movement speed.Basic Attacks are now melee and attack twice as fast with 75% increased damage.Q is now Jaguar Leap,with a 10 Tile range,20 Stamina cost and 8 second cooldown.Activate to leap at target location,becoming invunarable while leaping.W is now Swan Swirl with a 10 mana cost and sends you 2 tiles in the target direction.Trait is now Cat's Eyes,Allows Zenyatta to reveal cloaked enemies (Only to himself).E is now Wooden Frog Leg.Has 2 Tiles of range and uses it on an enemy.When used,it dashes Zenyatta to them and deals Critical Damage of A Judo Basic Attack and stuns the enemy for a second.The attack animation is Zenyatta Leaps up and Heels the enemy in the forehead.When finished,Go back to original position.When Entering Judo,all Harscord Orbs are returned.I know this is overpowered,but Zenyatta needs a powerful method of attack besides a Team-mate with a Harscord orb on enemy.


Lv20:(Ying and Yang L20) "Calm Enviorement":Y&Y Has 50% Increased range and instantly kills all enemy heroes and heals ally heroes to full health BUT takes an extra second and a half to start.It also Can now go through walls.This is Because I felt like Butterfly Was more powerful than Y&Y,The extra second gives time to move out but players that dont notice it are punished.

Lv20:(Butterfly L20)"Dreams come true"!:No longer has a start up time and has an extra 25% bonus stats while activated.

Lv20:Peaceful Handling:Active-Put an enemy Hero and Zenyatta in stasis.Enemy Hero stays in stasis for 5 seconds while Zenyatta stays in stasis for 2.5 seconds.50 Mana.30S cooldown.

Lv20:Omnic Crisis:Active-Call down 2 Uprising Bastions as turrets to Gun down enemies.You can reactivate the ability to retarget them.If no enemy is there,they will repair them selfs after 2 seconds at 10% per second.
If they add him, I would like to see a heroic along the lines of something like "True Harmony". This would be an AOE ability such as Malf's Tranquility, but any time 1 ally in the area is damaged, it heals all other allies in the area for X amount, and/or gives armor or mana back. Zenyatta has always been about clustering for the heals on those big push and teamfight moments.
If I were to design his Q ability, it would be healing orb and would work thusly...

Stores up to 3 charges but can only be on one hero at a time.
Heals a significant amount of health slowly over time.

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